Yes, it’s true…I R.C. am an Ironman.

Well, a LAZY MAN Ironman.

But an Ironman none-the less…

This winter my local YMCA hosted a Lazyman Ironman. It is a legitimate Ironman…except that instead of doing all the work in 1 day, you get 45 days to do it!

You don’t have to wait for your local Y or gym to host a Lazyman. You can completely start your own. Here’s what you need to accomplish in 45 days.

26.2 miles Run/Walk

112 miles Bicycle

2.4 mile swim (or 10,000 meters on the rowing machine.

So during the month of December, my workouts changed to meet the goals of the Ironman. I started with a walk, walking about 2 miles a day to hit the goal. I then went to the exercise bikes and rode 5 miles a day.

That left swimming.  At first I tried to fit in actual swimming laps in the Y pool.  However, the bitter winter cold kept me from wanting to get wet at the gym. So I decided the rowing machine was better for me.

Keep a log on you phone or on a piece of paper and see if you can be the next Ironman!! It’s a fun way to get you to try other things to add to your workout!

Have fun Ironmen!



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