If you are like me, you like exciting workouts. Something that is fun, that doesn’t feel like…well working out. Well, my friends, I found a workout just like that.

Airobics at Helium Trampoline Park in Eldridge, is my favorite new way to work out. Yes, the trampoline park, same place you take your kids for countless birthday parties.

Airobics is just what it sounds like, an aerobics class on a trampoline. From the moment I first started jumping, two things crossed my mind: (1) How on earth do my kids do this for an hour and die of exhaustion? And (2) this is SO much fun.

The class is an hour in length and is broken up into two segments. The first 30 minutes is cardio. You do different kind of jumps, one minute in length. So for example, you do a medium bounce for a minute, jumping jacks for a minute, four corners (where you jump in the four corners of your trampoline), knee lifts (where you jump like they used to do in the Toyota commercials back in the day).

I have to admit I was surprised what a workout it is just jumping up and down. The first class, I didn’t even make it through all the reps. It is tough work.

The second segment of class is all abs. You do planks, sit ups, leg lifts etc.

When you are done, you will be sweaty and out of breath, but you’ll be happy you did it.

Airobics is perfect for Moms, because they let you bring your kids in for free. They jump in designated areas while you work out. My boys, LOVE our Saturday morning trips to Helium. They get to jump free for an hour and I work out.

I also took my 11 year old daughter to a class, and she loved it, so if you have tweens/teens, consider having them come along. Great way to work out with your kids.


I take the Saturday at 9:00 a.m. class. Arrive a little early, because its always good to checked in and reserve your square, so you don’t have to share a space when you jump. The cost is $10.00 (kids are free), but the first class you do have to pay for $3.00 non-slip socks. Wear a tight fitting top (remember you are jumping up and down), and shorts or capris because it can get warm in there.

Airobics is really catching on, so make sure and get your tickets in advance.  You can buy them online here.

Hope to see you at Airobics! It is seriously one of my the best ways I have found to shake up my workout!


I did not receive any compensation for writing this post – I’m just a big Airobics fan! 


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