If you are like me, fast food is a necessity. I’m so busy, I usually end up at the drive-thru at least one day a week. I don’t fight it anymore or feel guilty about it. I just try to make better choices there.

Okay I have a confession to make, although I love salads, I HATE fast food salads. Why you ask? I have no idea. They just have somewhat of a funny taste to me.

That is until I discovered the Garden Fresco Salad with Chicken from Culver’s.

This is by far my favorite fast food salad. I discovered it one Saturday afternoon when my son begged me to go to Culver’s. I gave in and stood there staring up at the menu looking for options for me.

First of all, I love Culver’s because they are open about their nutritional information in their food. Their website is very user friendly, which I appreciate, and even on their menu when you are standing in line you can see calorie counts.

I order the Garden Fresco Salad with Chicken, with no croutons. According to fitness pal, that means my salad has just about 9 carbs (although I have to have cheese so I do get that).

I do ranch dressing on the side and dip my fork into the dressing and then eat the salad.

The chicken on the salad is huge and amazing. I usually hate grilled chicken, because it always tastes dry and burnt. This simply does not.

Here are some other great R.C. options at Culver’s:

  1. Do a single or double butter burger and take off the bun. I know a lot of people order it “bun-less” but I usually order it with a bun, because to me it soaks up some of the grease. I know, not the best thing to do, but I do it. I order burgers with cheese too. Cut it up and serve over a side salad, with ranch on the side.  The burger itself has 0 carbs, cheese may have 1 or 2.
  2.  Order the grilled chicken sandwich without the bun.  This isn’t too greasy so definitely something you can order without the bun. You can serve it over a side salad, but then essentially you are doing the Garden Fresco option.

Not to burst your bubble, but in case you are wondering, 1 scoop of Vanilla custard has 30 carbs. But, a spoonful out of your kids’ bowl won’t kill you!

Happy eating!



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