I normally pride myself on being pretty good at navigating restaurants now that I’m a RC. But boy oh boy was I put to the challenge this weekend.

Sunday morning I was headed back from church and my husband texted me that he thought brunch sounded good. Brunch. Visions of French toast, and some sort of pasta filled my mind.

Then he put the nail in the coffin, and told me he wanted Granite City.

If you have been to Granite City brunch, you know it’s the Cadillac of brunches. Gooey cinnamon rolls, waffle stations, and my absolute favorite potatoes (think gooey cheesy creamy goodness).

Now, I know what you are thinking. I told you before that I don’t have “cheat days” and I eat what I want. BUT, I’m at 96 pounds lost and so the idea of giving in and perhaps getting a set back on my 100 pound goal was not an option.

So I swallowed down the lump in my throat that I wished was a spoonful of potatoes and off I went.

At first I was positive, they usually have some sort of meat on a brunch buffet and last time I went they had a big vat of steamed veggies.

But alas I was not that lucky.

I grabbed my plate and stood behind my son, who literally filled up his plate with (1) A biscuit (2) a bagel and (3) Mashed potatoes. Thanks for the support son!

I quickly walked past the breakfast pastries – those were an easy pass. I’m allergic to nuts so I usually steer clear of that stuff anyway.

Okay first stop veggies. Ugh, corn.  Pretty much the carbiest veggie they could have. Well, that’s out of the question.

Next stop the breakfast items. Now if you can eat eggs you are in luck, because eggs are a great low carb breakfast food. But, eggs make me sick, so those are out of the question. French toast…nope, oh God there are my potatoes…keep going Mandi, and then I hit the bacon and sausage. Well, sausage…there I can have sausage. I grabbed a few links and placed them on my plate. Lunch options were not that good. Fried chicken and pasta and potatoes. So I just filled my plate up with a salad. Sausage and salad. Not quite the brunch I had envisioned.

There was prime rib station. I can’t believe it but I have never in my 38 years had prime rib. So I thought I’d try it. But it was just too rare for my taste.

So there I sat. Table full of my carb eating family and me with sausage and salad.

My oldest son sat down next to me, and I realized from his plate that brunch is totally possible for recovering carbies if you are doing eggs. He did an omelet that looked fantastic with sausage and bacon.

Needless to say I survived brunch but not as many low carb options as I would have hoped for. My advice to my fellow RCs would be to order something off the menu, or find a local brunch that has a little more options meat wise. I’ll keep my eye out for brunch options around the Quad Cities and comment below if you have any great suggestions for me!

Until then, I’m going to list Granite City brunch as just partially friendly to RC’s. They need more than one veggie option, more than one meat option, and perhaps a cheese or veggie tray option.



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