Throughout this process I’ve discovered there are a few “must haves” that I need to have. This is a list of my go-to goods!

  1. Apple Watch. It’s funny, but I single handedly credit my Apple Watch with some of my success. It is almost like my personal trainer. It tells me to get up and move around, reminds me to breathe, and keeps track of my workouts. I set my goal for 10,000 steps a day and it keeps a little target to keep me on track. Definitely a must have!
  2. The Instant Pot. OMG the Instant Pot! I’m in absolute love. It’s a busy R.C.’s tool of choice. It is a pressure cooker and slow cooker combined. I bought the one that has the Bluetooth feature, so I can literally sit at my desk at work and start my Instant Pot. Meal planning is huge when you are trying to eat healthy, and so this is a lifesaver.
  3. Asics Shoes. Early on in my journey I invested in a REALLY good pair of running shoes. I almost was sick when I spent over $100 on shoes, but remember you are using them so much it is totally worth it! It really makes workouts a breeze.
  4. Livi Active Wear. Lane Bryant sells amazing workout gear. I’m almost out of their sizing but I love the look and feel of their leggings and Yoga Pants. And here’s a tip: if you are tall like me, make sure and order longs on line!
  5. Wireless headphones. There is nothing better than being able to sit back on the bike at the gym, rest your phone on the little ledge on the screen and watch a tv show while you ride. This is so much easier without cords in your way.  I have a set of Beats earbuds and I adore them!
  6. Low carb tortillas: Giving up carbs when you are a major carbie like me is HARD work. Low Carb tortillas are my Godsent because I still get that “bread” sort of feeling. I seriously have made a hundred different kinds of quesadillas with these. My favorite is Mission brand.

What are your must-have’s in your healthy lifestyle?


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