“Mom, guess what?” My middle child came up to me all excited.


“You are SO going down.”

“Again, what?”

The grin on his face was cocky and confident. My middle is so competitive I knew this look well. It always meant he was going to challenge me to something.

“Coach said we are going to have a Mommy/Son Basketball game at practice next week.” He said as he started to walk away. Then he turned to me tentatively…

“You’ll do it right Mom?”

Unfortunately, I knew why he was asking me this. I have to admit the old Mandi would have found some excuse to get out of this. I would have had a work commitment or something happening. I would have been too worried what I would have looked like trying to run after a bunch of 8 year old boys on the court.

But I am no longer the Old Mandi.

I set the towel down and walked toward him matching his look…

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry…”

His eyes started to get sad…

“I’m so sorry you are going to lose to your Mom!”

And thus began a week of banter back and forth. I was actually excited to play in the game. I was sure I could probably keep up fairly well, as by this point I had lost just over 80 pounds.

The Moms got ready for the game. I smiled when the Moms said they were going to bring jersey’s to the game. That made me smile because at my starting weight I probably never would have fit into the jerseys – but now I didn’t care.

Game day arrived and my middle and talked smack all the way to the Court.

The game started. I couldn’t believe the feeling running up and down the court laughing with the boys. These boys are REALLY good, and we kept up with them. I even scored over 10 points (solely due to my height). I was so happy that my health was such that I was able to play in this game.

This game made me see just how blessed I was to be on this journey. I was now the Mom who threw caution to the wind and “played” with my son. Sure, I always played with him, but this was actually on his level running around playing. It was truly a highlight of this journey.


So, I know you are dying to know who won?

I’ll never tell…but this picture will…


Moral of the story to my middle….never challenge your 5’11 Mama to a basketball game!



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