I have developed quite a love for working out — it is really become my “Me time” each day.  Lately I’ve been trying new workouts to shake up my routine and step out of my comfort zone.

I’ve heard about Barre classes for awhile. I have to be honest, I knew absolutely nothing about the classes. I just knew from the name that it had something to do with a dance barre.

So I researched online and found Barre 563 in Davenport. It looked different from any workout I was currently doing. I have been looking for workouts to help tone, and this looked like a good new choice.

So I grabbed my Mom and posted online to my friends to see who wanted to try something new with the Barre class.

Barre 563 first of all is a beautiful place, they even have racks of fun exercise clothes – which I’ll definitely have to splurge and buy once I master a few classes.

When I arrived, I met the owner, Sarah, who was very welcoming. She showed my Mom and I around. Clearly we looked confused and scared, and Sarah was great at telling us that she would be there to help us through.

Then she told us about the “Shake”.  If you look up barre classes you will see that it is a series of small moves which are held during the class. If you do the move correctly, your body starts to shake – which is the sign that your muscles are getting the full benefit. Okay, so shaking is good..got it.

We walked in and grabbed our weights. There are 1 pound and 2.5 options.  Don’t even think about the 2.5.  I know 1 pound sounds like nothing, but it literally feels like 50 in about 5 minutes.

Class started. It is seriously like no other workout. It’s a series of small movements – but even though they are the smallest of movements – they HURT!! Within a minute I was questioning what I had gotten myself into.

Don’t be afraid to try Barre — of course there are people all around you that know what they are doing – but the teachers are great at helping you master the moves. I didn’t feel out of place or inferior at any time.

After an hour – I had been through pain like no other in my legs, arms, and abs. I wasn’t out of breath, but I could feel the fatigue. But I also felt such an exhilaration. Although you are working really hard, it’s a very peaceful workout.

Barre is single handedly the hardest thing I have done to date – but for some reason I loved it. It is one of those love-hate relationships. I want to go back and get better — i.e. I want to go back and shake!

Definitely check it out — great for all ages. My Mom went with me and loved it. There were people in their 20’s all the way to their 60’s.




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