One of my favorite types of food is mexican food!! Ooh do I love it. And the best part, mexican food is totally doable for recovering carbies.

Los Agaves was not always the top of my mexican food hit list (I’m a Ganzo’s girl), but this changed when I went low carb, because Los Agaves has AHH-mazing fajitas.

Yep, the easiest way I have found to navigate low carb at a mexican restaurant, is ordering the fajitas.

My favorite is the Texas Fajitas, which has steak, chicken and shrimp.  The mixed fajitas are great too. When I order them I tell them I want no tortillas, and I want sour cream and shredded cheese on the side. Although, full disclosure, no matter how many times I order them, they always give me the tortillas!!

When they come – I usually eat them right off the skillet. I sprinkle some cheese on them and then dip my fork into the sour cream and eat the fajitas. YUM!

Beware when ordering the lunch fajitas.  Although you get a much smaller portion of meat, which is nice for lunch, they come on a giant plate with beans and rice.  I think its better to just order the dinner portion, so you can just tell them you don’t want the rice and beans.

Los Agaves does not have nutritional information online, but when I did a general search for similar fajitas you are looking at about 7 net carbs for this meal.

Another great option I like at Los Agaves is their Taco Salad, but I don’t order it often because having to leave that perfectly crispy taco salad bowl on my plate is always a little depressing.

Los Agaves is definitely very R.C. friendly, so check it out! Now, if only I get them to print nutritional information on their website…




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