One of the hardest thing for me going low carb was giving up pizza.  I’ll be honest I could not live without pizza.  It sounds funny by the reason I never went low carb before was because a life without pizza didn’t sound like much of a life.

Now, I love DEEP DISH or pan pizza.  Ooh that is so good. I have never been a fan of thin. I just don’t think that is pizza.

So when I started this diet I first started to look at ways that I could order pizza.  My natural reaction was to start looking at thin crusts…because thin crust means a ton less carbs right? WRONG! I simply couldn’t find a good thin pizza that had a good carb count.

Then I discovered Happy Joe’s.

Now in full disclosure I’m not a huge fan of Happy Joe’s (I know….I can get kicked out the Quad Cities for this). But, their D-Lite Pizza crust caught my eye immediately. So I ordered it and gave it a try.

And for the first time in my life – I LOVED thin pizza.

D-Lite crust comes in a square form with 8 pieces. It’s like a cracker crust, crispy and absolutely yummy. And it meets my pizza craving every time.

My favorite way to order a D-Lite pizza is a Taco Joe without the taco chips.  I mean come on – I’m getting pizza, I don’t need to have chips on it (rather save some carbs there).  If you look up the nutrition information for Happy Joe’s taco chips they have 18 carbs for 12 chips. So, that’s a lot of carbs that I can save simply by going chip-free (and you don’t miss it at all).



I contacted Happy Joe’s to find out what the carb count is for the D-Lite Pizza without the chips.  They advised that it is 17.6 a slice with 2 grams of fiber. So net carbs is 15.6 a slice. That’s pretty amazing for pizza!

So the best part – you can have 1, 2, or yes even 3 pieces of this pizza and although that is higher amount of carbs that I would normally eat in a day, it’s still great for pizza. I mean face it — if its pizza night you are going to eat more carbs than normal anyway. It’s a given.

Another great option is their Chicken Caesar D-Lite Crust. That will set you back 14 carbs a slice and its delicious.

So Happy Joe’s makes pizza possible for us R.C.’s and it is amazing!!

Here is the complete nutritional guide to help you make smart choices for pizza night!

What’s your favorite low carb pizza option?







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