This week the scales finally tipped toward 100 pounds lost. I literally almost fell off the scale when I read it.

I lost 100 pounds.


First I shouted it to the rooftops – anyone around me had to hear my excitement.


That night when I finally laid down in bed I started to think about the journey that led me to where I am. A funny thought started crossing my mind. I truly wasn’t happy about the fact that I had LOST 100 pounds I was happy about the things I have gained in the process.

So here’s my list of 100 things I have gained…

  1. Confidence
  2. The ability to plan trips and not have to worry about whether I can fit in an airplane seat (seriously I lost sleep over this before).
  3. The ability to breathe.  It sounds funny but the feel that I can actually breathe is one of the greatest feelings in the world.
  4. Losing the fear that I will die young.
  5. I don’t observe, I participate.
  6. A nearly complete remission of anxiety
  7. So many new friends
  8. Courage
  9. Not having to edit pictures taken of me (Face tune misses me I can assure you)
  10. New clothes
  11. I found myself, not just my Mommy self.
  12. I became a role model to my kids.16403221_10212346811494923_5555867722087032613_o
  13. A new love of low carb tortillas16179357_10212319831140431_188541479251626074_o
  14. A new relationship with food
  15. I don’t have to be scared every time I sit in a folding chair.
  16. The ability to shop at any store I want.
  17. Cheek bones
  18. My strength, both physical and mental.
  19. Inner peace
  20. I discovered I have an adventurous side. 16422835_10212403777079027_6185583085215569010_o
  21. I walk just to walk…not just to get somewhere.
  22. I started caring about what I thought, not just what others thought.
  23. Laughter.
  24. Happiness.
  25. A love of working out – truly a new hobby.
  26. Fun workout clothes.  16640704_10212484847345733_2293279288971863822_n
  27. I eat so many more veggies
  28. Food and I finally are in a healthy relationship.
  29. Less stomach problems.
  30. Less headaches
  31. I sleep better
  32. The ability to relax.
  33. I love to take pictures with my kids.16486944_10212413827330277_3674633852996756783_o
  34. My new found love of dresses
  35. Drive
  36. Will-power
  37. No more sugar fog
  38. A new wedding ring since the old one did not fit. 16835748_10212588530697752_4555617405065884029_o
  39. Accountability to myself and only myself.
  40. Energy!
  41. A love of lifting weights.16251609_10212318140898176_7112863637360096265_o
  42. My kids can get their arms all the way around me15774933_10212080792124605_2723150056438775574_o-1
  43. I can actually look at the scale when I step on it.
  44. For the first time since I can remember there is no X in front of my size
  45. I don’t rub thighs with the person sitting next to me at a concert
  46. The Instant Pot
  47. Ability to wear leggings
  48. I’m not embarrassed to wear tank tops anymore
  49. Workout partners.
  50. Every eating out trip is an adventure in finding healthy food.16143611_10212221712047515_6516822955583182118_o
  51. I learned that food is fuel not comfort.
  52. The notion to start questioning what people tell me instead of just taking it as true.
  53. I believe in myself
  54. I live for setting goals
  55. I can finally lift more than 5 pounds with my arms.
  56. I have started a Bucket List
  57. I have no hesitation of taking my kids swimming
  58. I’m an Ironman (well sort of)16406440_10212356464016230_185119834620025322_n
  59. I’m not afraid to train for a 5K
  60. I live outside my comfort zone, instead of occasionally stepping out of it.
  61. I’ve learned that strong is pretty, not skinny
  62. I’m taller — strange but true.
  63. Flexibility
  64. When I get knocked down by something, I get back up instead of giving up.
  65. I stand up for myself.
  66. I can do Stitch Fix!
  67. I want to wear more than jeans and t-shirts
  68. I get fun notes of encouragement from my kids
  69. I’m practicing what I preach
  70. I am thankful
  71. I am grateful.
  72. I’m learning to follow my own path.
  73. I don’t take no for an answer.
  74. I’ve found a medicine free way to deal with stress.
  75. A new found respect for “real food”
  76. I watch a lot less TV
  77. I don’t sweat the small stuff
  78. I feel pretty, probably for the first time in my life.
  79. I can see my feet when I look down.
  80. I don’t hide
  81. I make smarter choices – and not just with food.
  82. Sharing my journey with others and hearing their successes.
  83. I have a waist
  84. I can cut my hair shorter and not worry about my face being so round
  85. A true respect for people who have lost weight.
  86. No more cravings of sugar
  87. No more late night snack food binges
  88. No more hiding wrappers of the snacks I bought for the kids that I ate.
  89. My thighs don’t rub together when I walk.
  90. More appreciation for real people
  91. I say “No” a lot less
  92. I say “Yes” a lot more15585189_10211972707942568_5029437210131551808_o
  93. The ability to look okay wearing Yoga Pants in public
  94. The health food section at the grocery store
  95. Love of Spaghetti Squash
  96. I cook a lot more
  97. I drive thru a lot less
  98. I lost the “morbid obesity” diagnosis.
  99. I don’t fear that I’m embarrassing my children.
  100. A “never stop” mentality.

And I’m not done yet – hopefully I’ll continue to gain as I go through this adventure!



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