So there I was…standing outside a new restaurant in the Quad Cities with my daughter.  But not just any new restaurant, a restaurant that has been turning heads for their ginormous shakes with donuts and large pieces of cake on top of them.

Something told me this was a bad idea.

However, what I found was amidst this mecca of temptation, there are some delicious low carb options (I know…I was shocked too).

Steel Plow is a burger place. In looking at the menu they have a lot of options for different specialty burgers.  But I found it best to build my own.  I opted for  the turkey burger with mushrooms and swiss.

Normally when I go for burgers, its not the burgers that give me trouble, but rather it is the sides. Well, Steel Plow has a TON of options for sides. So I ordered steamed broccoli instead of greasy fries.

When my meal came out I was SO impressed.  Although they do have really tasty looking gluten free buns, I opted for no bun.  The turkey burger was seriously the best I have ever had. It was juicy and flavorful and if I hadn’t ordered it I would have no idea it was turkey. Delicious.


But, we need to talk about the big elephant in the room….the shakes.

Yes, Steel Plow is known for HUGE shakes…shakes so big, that when it came to the table after my daughter ordered it – it was larger than her head.


Yes, not the easiest thing to sit across from me while I was trying to make good choices.

I’m not going to lie, Steel Plow will tempt you — the shakes are everywhere and pretty much every table around us had a different sugary delite. But, for me, I was okay and didn’t have any problem avoiding the shakes. But, if you have a big sweet tooth, probably not the best place for you to test your temptation.

So don’t be afraid to try Steel Plow.  Although I would not recommend it if you are just starting your journey and therefore prone to sugar cravings, there are enough healthy options there to make it a place worth checking out. Their outdoor seating area (that is heated during the winter) is amazing, the burgers are great, and the staff is friendly. I will definitely be heading here again!

Where to go: 

2180 53rd St, Moline, IL 61265


No nutritional information – because let’s face it, if you are going to eat a shake with its own xipcode you don’t want to know the nutrition, but the menu is online. 



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