One of the major problems (albeit a happy problem) of losing a substantial amount of weight is that your closet goes from full to empty.  Over the course of losing 100 pounds I watched my closet get smaller and smaller each passing size.

For awhile I tried to get by with clothes my Mom handed down to me, but there was just one problem. I’m nearly 6 foot and my Mom is shorter. So, I needed to start shopping.

The funny thing I learned was that at 38 I really don’t know how to shop.  I’m a horrible shopper. This probably stems from the fact that I could only really shop at one store my adult life due to my size.

Que Stitch Fix.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a online business where you are assigned a personal stylist that sends you 5 items of clothes, called a “fix”, handpicked for you. You get the box, try on the clothes and then keep what you want and send back the rest.

I had thought about joining Stitch Fix for a long time, but something always held me back. I was worried I wouldn’t fit into the clothes, I was worried it would be too expensive. So, month after month I didn’t try it.

Then I decided to give it a try.

I filled out the lengthy questionnaire designed to tell my stylist about myself. I made sure and noted that I don’t often wear dresses, but I wasn’t opposed to them, and that I wasn’t really interested in jewelry. I also explained that I was tall and needed long clothes and that I was looking for work clothes, not just casual items.

My box arrived and I was so excited to open it. I went upstairs and tried on the outfits.

People always say that Stitch Fix finds outfits for you that you normally wouldn’t try. I would agree with that 100%. My box included, olive green pants, a navy blazer, a plum dress, a black button up shirt with birds on it, and a navy sleeveless top.

All of the brands were unique and not cookie cutter. The pants were soft and wonderful. I really liked them. The blazer was super comfy and a little bit casual, making it perfect for the days I was in the office.

I laughed as I put on the bird shirt, but then found that I actually didn’t think it was that bad. I opted against keeping it because I wasn’t in love.

I tried on the dress and fell in love. It fit great and was a great style for lots of events. I could definitely use that dress.

All in all the clothes were great, and of good quality.

The problem with Stitch Fix is that it is fairly pricey. My box was $267.00 to purchase, which is not horrible, but when you are trying to fill up your closet it is not what I would call budget friendly. I did adjust my pricing for the next shipment to see if I can get things a little more affordable.

I learned a big lesson with Stitch Fix. If you are on the fence about keeping something, it is actually better to keep it. I sent back two pieces and my total was $261.00. So if I would have kept the two shirts, I would have only paid $6.00 more due to the 25% discount when you buy the whole fix.  Lesson learned for next time.

I had a lot of fun with Stitch Fix. I do not think it is the best option for refilling your closet after weight loss, but completely great when you want to add some new fun pieces of clothes. I scheduled a second fix for this month and I’m excited to see what that will bring!



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