I was sitting at my desk one day working on a complicated motion, when a Facebook notification on my phone blinked at me. A friend of mine had posted on my wall.

Looking for a moment’s distraction from the head pounding work I was doing, I opened my Facebook and saw an Event page posting on my Facebook from my friend.

“Pound Class – $5.00”

My first reaction was “What the hell is Pound class?” followed shortly by “Is this a drum class?” after I saw the picture of people holding bright green drum sticks in their hand. Why on earth would my friend think I want to learn how to drum? But then I saw that it was a workout…a $5.00 workout.  My interest was drawn.

I clicked on the link and discovered that Pound was an exercise class using drum sticks. Immediately my inner Rockstar (yes we all have one) was excited.

This looks really fun.

I contacted my friend and made plans to try out the new class with her and her husband that week.

Boy I had no idea what I was about to get involved in.

Thursday night rolled around and I walked into a quiet and serene Yoga studio…definitely not what I envisioned as my “stage” to rock out.  The excited teacher met me at the counter.  “You here for Pound?” she asked.

I nodded, grabbed the bright green sticks, that I later learned are called “Ripsticks”, a long purple yoga mat, and headed into the room.

Little did I know I was heading into one of the most fun exercise classes ever created.

The idea of Pound is simple. It’s an aerobic workout where you use the 1.5 pound Ripsticks to pound on the floor.


Yes, you heard me right, POUND ON THE FLOOR.

Who gets to pound on the floor at a Yoga studio? RIGHT?

Each class has approximately 8-10 songs. The songs range from rock classics to modern hits. Some tracks are squat and lunge tracks where you go down to a squat and hit the floor. Others are ab tracks where you sit down in a C-curve on the floor and use your sticks. Then there is the T & A track (thighs and assets) where you lay on the ground on your back and work your glutes and hamstrings.

All while embracing your inner rock star…let’s definitely not forget that.


I’ll admit the first class I had no clue what I was doing and I left thinking two things: (1) Was that really a workout? Seemed too fun to be workout. And (2) Do I seriously have no rhythm? I could hardly keep up with the teacher and felt like I was doing my own drum solos half the time.

The answer to the first question I learned the next day. My thighs burned from the squats and my abs started to hurt too. Yes, I could really get a good workout by doing this!! Now I was excited.

As for the second question, after attending Pound for 2 months now I can tell you that you have to do at least 3-4 classes before you start to pick up on the rhythms and learn them. So yes, you have rhythm and yes you will get it.

Pound has become one of my favorite workouts that I do in my week. It’s my “less serious-more fun” workout. It is a great way to burn off steam. It’s a workout where you leave feeling energized, not drained.

I have encouraged my friends to join me (always fun to rock out with friends) and even talked my daughter into coming along for the fun. I’ll tell you if you have a tween or teenage daughter – this is a great way to workout together.


Yes, anyone can do Pound!!

Couple of tips from a now veteran POUNDSTAR!:

(1) It should go without saying, but Pound is LOUD. So if you are having a headache or sensitive to sound – stay away.

(2) Bring your own Yoga Mat. Since these classes are offered at various places, you’ll be happy you brought your own mat.

(3) Don’t set up too close to the person next to you in class. You’ll want room to move around.

(4) Take your shoes off.  You can do Pound with shoes or without – but I find that with the ab tracks, you lift your legs off the ground a lot, making it easier to do barefoot.

(5) Don’t take yourself too seriously. Let loose. You are among others that are rocking out too, so relax!

(4) Sign up early. Some classes fill up quick!

Here in the Quad Cities check out QC Pound on Facebook for all the information you need. Jessi, the owner of the program and instructor is phenomenal. She keeps you excited, energized and is very easy to follow.

Pound is available on both the Iowa and Illinois sides of the river in various locations — so there are so many chances to ROCK OUT!!  I just started taking classes at Ultimate Fitness in Bettendorf since it is so convenient.

So grab some friends – your favorite Aerosmith shirt, and embrace your inner rock star with Pound!! You’ll be glad you did!



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