I spend a lot of time in my career, driving to random cities in Iowa to attend different court hearings. One of my common destinations to have to work away from home is Des Moines, Iowa.

I lived in Des Moines for 3 years and absolutely love it. There are so many unique and fun places to eat. You could seriously eat at a different place for a year and never eat at the same place twice.

Of course now that I’m a R.C. I steer clear of a lot of my favorite places. That left room for a new favorite – Jethro’s BBQ.

Jethro’s BBQ is a R.C.’s dream, because well…it’s a place for MEAT!! Meat is everywhere. From their bacon quotes in the bathroom, to their menu overflowing with different types of meats – it is a Protein Paradise.

The best part about Jethro’s meats is that they are so tender, juicy, and flavorful that I don’t even notice that I don’t use BBQ sauce when I eat there. Seriously, you won’t even miss it.

Each time I visit Jethro’s – I always get the 2 meat dinner. I always get the turkey, because it’s amazing, and then sometimes I get pork and other times I get brisket. On my most recent trip – I opted for turkey and chopped brisket.

Now with every BBQ place you have to be careful with the sides. There are so many tempting sides to throw you off course. I order the green beans, which according to Fitness Pal have 2 net carbs. I also order a side salad with no croutons, and ranch dressing on the side. And of course I tell my waitress that I do not want the corn muffin on my plate…because ooh I can’t have that distraction. So really if you think about it – there are not many carbs to be found in this very satisfying meal!

You get huge portions at Jethro’s – enough to completely satisfy any size hunger. Jethro’s is definitely a friendly place for R.C’s, so check it out!



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