Okay we all weigh ourselves, but have you ever been on a Tanita Body Composition Scale?

I didn’t even know these things existed until recently.

My Mom and I were walking through the Women’s Lifestyle fair. A local hospital had set up a corner with all sorts of health stops. My Mom, who is new to the area, wanted to walk through to see if she could find a doctor.

Suddenly, I spotted the weight loss center table. I was immediately curious to see what they had at the table. I was especially curious when I spotted these larger scales with silver tops.

What on earth are those?

I found out these were Tanita Scales. They tell you so much more than your weight. They give you data including your BMI, the percentage of fat you have in your body, and of course your weight.

I was so excited to try this.

I started to take off my shoes. An older lady smiled at me.

“You are brave to get on that scale. I wouldn’t want to do it in front of all these people”.

I laughed out loud and told her I had just lost 106 pounds, so that number on the scale could be shouted to the rooftops at this point in my life.

The amazing thing about these scales is they really give you a whole new perspective on weight. I was handed a little paper print out with my results.

These results give you such a larger picture on your weight.  First of all, my BMI was 27.3, which I found out needs to be at 24 for me to be considered “normal”. That was so much closer than I had imagined it would be.  The lady explained to me that I was in the overweight category. I was probably the happiest person she had all day to hear that news. Before I was in the morbidly obese category, way way WAY on the right side of the paper. There was that category, then obese, then overweight, then normal and underweight. So there I was, one step away from being in the normal weight category.  I’ll take it.

The other amazing thing the Tanita scale told me was that I have 69 pounds of fat in my body. The rest of my weight is water, bone and muscle.  So, something to remember when someone calls me fat.

Yes, I am not above correcting someone  that I actually only have 69 pounds of fat in me!

My fat percentage was 35% which I was happy to see was close to being in the “desirable range”. That needs to be 33% for me to be in the proper range.

Ooh I was getting close to being “normal” and “desirable”. 

I was surprised to learn that you can actually buy Tanita scales through Amazon. I certainly have never heard of them. I’m also going to ask my doctor about it next time I go in. If you ever have an opportunity to be weighed on these scales definitely try it.  I don’t really want to shell out a lot of money for a scale, and I’m not suggesting you do too, but it is definitely an interesting way to find out how close you are to your goals.

So thanks to modern technology there are so many ways we can find out the true accurate picture of our weight. Pretty cool discovery for this R.C.




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