In order for me to get the results that I have gotten so far, I have had to work out…


I hate those commercials on the radio for some new diet pill. They always say the same thing.

“Hi I’m Sandy and I’ve lost 50 pounds with MEGACRAZYDIET without changing my diet or exercising”. 

Sandy is a big fat liar.

You simply have to work out to lose weight.  BOTH diet change and workout are needed to make a long lasting change to your health.

So I don’t sugar coat it for people when they ask me how I lost so much weight.

I work out A LOT.

In fact, my normal routine is to work out 7 days a week.

When I started I worked out 7 days a week solely because it was giving me really quick results. I was losing a ton of weight, super fast. It was a fast track to my weight goals.

But then I discovered something about working out.  It was making me feel AMAZING.

Of course I’m not talking physically, because most of the time I was sore.  I’m talking emotionally. Working out became for me a daily necessity not because of the weight loss but because of my mental/emotional health.

Working out is my free therapy. It helps take the edge off of a very stressful day. I notice that when I’m busy and can’t work out, I don’t burn off the stress of the day as easily.

I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life, and workout became my medicine for that. Within 3 months of working out I was completely off all anti-anxiety medications and had a complete remission of panic attacks and anxiety.

So, those shirts that say “I run to burn off the crazy”…yep that’s me.

That’s why I work out everyday.

Now don’t get me wrong, 7 days a week is my goal, it’s not always my reality. For example, this past week I was unable to work out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because I had to go to a dance competition.

So let me take you through a week in the life of my workout to show you it is totally possible, and actually my saving grace, to work out everyday.

Now, in general I shake up my workout a lot. I don’t have really a set schedule, so below is just an example of what I would do during a regular week. I like to try new things and change up old routines. Life gets boring if you just keep doing the same old stuff.

First and foremost, my workout minimum for the day is to get my steps in.  I make sure that I get at least 10,000 steps a day. I track these steps with an Apple Watch.

Monday: The kick off. I head to the Y and walk a warm up mile, then I do my 5K training which has me running and walking an additional 2.5 miles.  I’m up now to running a full 25 minutes without stopping.

Some other things you may find me doing on a Monday is popping into a Barre class, or joining a spin class at my Y.  But more often than not, it’s just a running day.

Tuesday: Pump Day! Tuesday is Body Pump night! Body Pump is a fun cardio weight lifting class that helps me to build muscles in my arms, and legs. This is the one class that I take that has really given me noticeable results. My muscles are becoming defined in my arms and my thighs are so much smaller from all the squats. It’s really weight lifting for people that are intimidated to go into a weight room and lift.

If I can get there early enough I like to walk a mile before class. Otherwise, I’ll walk the mile after class. Got to get those steps in!

Wednesday: Mid week shake up. Sometimes I pop into a spin class on Wednesday night. Other times you will find me doing my 5K training.

Thursday: Rockstar night! Thursday night I rock out in Pound Class, a class where I embrace my inner rock star. Or if I’m feeling really strong that week, I’ll pop into Body Pump for a second night of weight training.

Friday: Killing my goal day. My final day for my 5K training for the week, and some walking.

Saturday: Exercise like a kid day!  Saturdays are hard because I usually have things going on, but if I can make the time I head to Airobics at our local trampoline park. Seriously jumping on the trampolines always makes me feel like a kid again. After class, I’ll do some walking.

Sunday: End the week on a high note.  I like to do the Elliptical and the stationary bike on Sundays and add in some walking.  Sunday is a laid back day so whatever I feel like doing I do!

So there you have it! That’s my normal workout schedule. Of course it varies from week to week and is dependent upon how busy I am on a certain day, but the point is that I make the time, burn off the crazy, and get amazing results!

What’s your typical workout schedule?



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