Life can be really hard when you are a Recovering Carbie and have to cook for a hungry family.

Life is even harder when you add in a full time job, late night practices, and just sheer chaos.

Prior to the change in my lifestyle, my family ate a ton of carbs. So when I changed my diet, I changed my whole family’s diet.

At first it didn’t really work, I often had to cook twice, making something for me and then them. But over time, I’ve gotten them to come over to my side more and more. I’m definitely seeing progress. 

But I have had to do a lot of recipe hunting and testing.

Pinterest is my favorite resource for recipes. There are so many great recipes on there! I use search terms “Low Carb” “Keto” “Paleo” and “THM-S” to find the recipes that we most eat.

Then the experimenting begins.  I’m notorious for messing with recipes, changing them up to suit my family’s taste. But every now and then I find an amazing recipe that we love to eat with no modifications at all…

The best of the best, 5 star meals.

Now keep in mind I cook for 4 of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet. My husband hates onions and veggies, my daughter is a big texture eater and also doesn’t like many veggies, my middle child eats anything, but is not a huge fan of chicken. My youngest, eats nothing…seriously nothing. I’m pretty sure that kid is surviving on chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and Spaghetti-O’s!

In order to make my 5 star list, these recipes had to be approved by at least 4 out of the 5 members of my family. I’d go 5 out of 5, but with my youngest that would be impossible.

So here is the Best of the Best, the 5 star meals that have helped me adapt my family to my low carb lifestyle:



This recipe is a life saver for me. A perfect crock pot meal. In fact, I now use this sauce as my go-to barbecue sauce.  I’ve made this with pork and beef. It is SO good. For them, I serve on a low carb tortilla or bun. For me, I love this in a portabella cap or on a tortilla.



It’s really hard for me to find veggie dishes that pass my family’s taste test. But, this is one that works for most of them. This a perfect meal for the pasta lovers in your family. It is SO good, and for awhile my kids didn’t even know it was squash.



This one is a huge hit with my family, especially my husband.  I just eat the chicken the way it is, but for my family I serve it over rice. SO good. I don’t usually cook this in my Instant Pot, rather I prefer the crock pot.



These are super messy, you can’t really eat them like a normal quesadilla so get ready with forks and napkins. But these are fantastic.



Okay, okay, okay, I know I have an obsession with low-carb tortillas, but this is such an easy weeknight dinner, so yes it’s another quesadilla recipe! I even like this, and I’m not a huge bacon fan.




These are a little time consuming to make, definitely a weekend meal. BUT my family adores them. They prefer these shells to hard shell tacos. They are definitely worth the effort.



My family used to eat Chinese takeout all the time. This recipe satisfies those Chinese food cravings. I serve mine with lettuce wraps, but I serve my family’s over rice.



I promise you I feed my family more than Mexican dishes, but I’ve just been really lucky finding some great ones. These are SO yummy. My son who isn’t a big chicken fan, LOVES these.



I think my family would all agree this is the best recipe I have found so far. They honestly prefer this version over the carb-filled version we used to eat. Again, I’m not a huge bacon person but I love the taste the bacon gives the meatloaf.



Okay so this recipe I do change a bit. My family hates mushrooms, so I just make mushrooms and onions on the side and serve them with mine. This recipe is a big hit!

So there you go,  10 of the best recipes I have found to date! I keep finding new ones all the time, but I know these recipes will stand the test of time in this house.

With these recipes…who needs carbs?










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