I have a big mouth.

If you follow this blog, I bet that doesn’t surprise you one bit.

When I started losing weight back in July, I kept things primarily to myself and my inner circle. I didn’t want to tell people what I was doing, because frankly, I wasn’t sure I would stick with it, and somehow “300 pound woman tries to lose weight”, really wasn’t something I wanted to shout from the rooftops.

But as I started to go through the process of this lifestyle change, I noticed that I had a lot of friends that had great ideas or were going through similar things in their lives.  Lucky for me, these women were sharing their wisdom and stories, and I became inspired. I would send them messages asking for advice, asking for their guidance in starting, seeking their inspiration.

If they could do it, maybe I could do it? 

Their stories encouraged me to do my own research. I started learning more and more and more. I started to see that everything I knew about dieting was just plain wrong.

And that made me….well upset!



No one told me diet food was loaded with sugar. No one told me that it was sugar, not fat that was making me fat. No one told me that carbs were the reason I was heavy. No one told me that working out was just as important as diet change, and I had to do both to get results.

After awhile when I would learn new things, I would seriously sit at my phone or computer and look around me like…”DID ANYONE HEAR THAT? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?” And because no one was usually with me when I would learn this stuff except my skinny 6 year old who could care less, I started posting about it. I started “Paying it forward” from the people that shared their stories with me.

If I was inspired when I read someone else’s story…maybe my story could help someone?  

I came out of the shadows and posted about the fact I was starting to lose weight. I started telling my story. My Facebook feed started filling up with stories and pics of my journey, I started an Instagram account, and eventually was encouraged to write this blog. I told anyone who would listen about what I was doing and what I was learning.

In other words, I stopped shutting up. The moment I did this, I started to get an overwhelming response from people. I was now being used as the resource, like I had used the people before me.  I, of course knew I was no diet professional, but I had a story to tell, so I told it for what it was worth.

A funny thing happens when you open up and share your story….you start to realize that it’s not just about changing your own life, rather you can actually help others make changes in their lives too.

That’s a tremendous amount of power we have in our fingertips. The power to inspire change!

We are all walking around this planet not knowing what the hell to do. We all seek advice and inspiration for others. I mean come on Pinterest is booming because people want to get ideas from others.

So, allow me to bestow some advice upon you….STOP SHUTTING UP.

Are you going through something? Start talking about it. Now you don’t have to start a blog or go live on Facebook, but start sharing your journey so others who are in the same boat as you know someone is out there that understands. Be the inspiration.

The more you talk, the more you help. Departing wisdom (even when you don’t feel wise), inspiration (even when you don’t feel like I’m inspiring) is the greatest gift we have to give.

Let me sum up for you why you should never shut up with one photo.


Now I’ve confused you haven’t I?

Here’s the deal. I have a horrible pop addiction, I drink Diet Pepsi like its water. I know I shouldn’t do it, but its a remaining vice I just haven’t been able to tackle.

But today instead of walking to the fridge and grabbing my zillionth can of Diet Pepsi I filled up my glass with water.

Very small step, but a step none the less.

And the reason I did it, was because I had been on Facebook earlier in the day and saw a post by my friend who had just announced that she lost 50 pounds. She posted her before and after pics. She was beaming with happiness. She told her story, about how she drank pop and coffee and just one day stopped, changed her lifestyle and met her goals.

And because of that simple posting. I filled up my glass of water.

So my point is that when we share our stories, our journeys, our accomplishments, someone may read it and “fill their glass of water”. Our words have the power to truly affect others.


So that right there is why I simply don’t shut up. I talk about my successes, my story, my tips, my fails. The people who are tired of hearing me post my exercise schedule can simply scroll on.

After all I’m not writing for them.

I’m writing for the person sitting at their computer screen, starving, stressed, and overwhelmed, they are the reason I share my story.  I want to make sure I spread the word loud and proud that change is not just possible, it’s HAPPENING.

So if you are going through this journey in silence, that’s okay. I get it. But, if you are going through this journey and “not shutting up” about it…well you are my hero my friend. Keep on shouting your story to the rooftops, because you will inspire others to stop shutting up and send out further ripples of change!



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