You are having one of those days.

Like one of THOSE days.

It started with a battle over black socks. I bet never in your wildest dreams did you think you’d be having a debate with a 6 year old about why he can’t wear his beloved black socks because he wore them yesterday.

Yeah, you lost that battle but at least Mr. Stinky Socks was happy.

The next 45 minutes was a blur of deodorant on your blue shirt, no spoons for cereal, an unexpected math sheet brought to your attention 10 minutes before you wanted to leave, hungry excited dog with muddy paws, second outfit change because of that muddy dog, and complaints that you are running late and your son will not be able to make a killer trade of a Pokemon card.

Way to go Mom, it was an EX card that probably would have saved the Pokemon universe.

You navigate through the sea of shoes, dog toys, and wrappers that are strewn on your floor that you were too busy to pick up and too tired to tell others to pick up the night before.

You drop off the kids, it’s raining, AGAIN. And there is a baseball game tonight. You roll your eyes…doesn’t mother nature like baseball? Another rain out!!!

You get to work. Your assistant reminds you that you have to return a not-so-joyful call from a client. You sit down to a leaning tower of Pisa mail pile, countless emails, and calendar diaries. Your phone starts buzzing, reminders of events after school and an email to remind you that you suck at parenting because you forgot to send Captain Stinky Socks to school with books for reading day.

You spend the next 1/2 hour reading emails of upcoming deadlines and you feel the hairs on your neck stand on end thinking about all you need to accomplish.

And it’s only Wednesday.

You get up. Walk to the break room to fill your “I don’t want to drink you but I gave up Diet Pepsi” water cup. And there you find it…



Why does it seem that work treats always show up on the days you want to throw in the towel and retreat to some cave with a big tube of cookie dough?

At first you roll your eyes and walk past quickly headed to the water.  You’ll just ignore them.

But then, ooh just one look. Well, it would be rude not to look and see what so and so brought for her birthday.

Great….cookies. Iced Sugar Cookies. And not just any cookies, the ones from your favorite bakery.

Of course it would have to be THOSE cookies.

You look to your left at the tasteless water filling your cup…pitiful, sad, water.  You look to your right at the cookies with fun happy spring designs on them…happy celebration cookies.

You even secretly wonder why you can’t invent frosted cookie flavored water.

Then starts the internal battle…the battle of cookie v. no cookie.  Who would honestly think this would be your toughest battle of the day??  “It’s a bad day Mandi, cheer yourself up”; “No, that will just make you feel guilty”. “But it’s just one cookie”, “Yeah but its never ONE cookie”. Back and forth and back and forth, all while co-workers come in smile and say good morning and go off with their happy cookies.

You screw the lid on your water glass and start to walk away. You may even look back longingly to those cookies on the table and remember a time when you would have walked out with not one, but two (of course you would hide the second under the napkin…it was your little secret).

But alas you walk out, away from temptation, away from the cookies.

Those cookies can’t solve a bad day. Those cookies can’t make your house clean or your desk clear of work. Those cookies can’t give you a hug or make it stop raining and they definitely can’t convince your son to wear clean clothes.  They are just cookies. They have no power. And you certainly aren’t going to let them throw you off of your hard work.

So walk away…no actually do a confident strut away. You successfully survived break room temptation and left with a hand full of water and a mind full of drive and confidence. Your healthy lifestyle lives to see another day, you won.

Well that is until tomorrow when bagels show up. Damn bagels.

I wish I could tell you that break room temptation will not happen again, but you know better. It seems like every single day there is a birthday or some cause for something chocolately to be back there. Until the world starts believing that carrot sticks are a socially acceptable way to celebrate it is going to be something you have to deal with a lot.  So just think of each trip back there as another exercise in break room endurance.

Temptation is all around us, and I don’t know about you, but mine always seem to come when I  am least ready to resist. But keep fighting those internal battles. Keep reminding yourself that food is simply fuel and nothing that can cure a bad day. You will feel stronger every time you do.

And if I come up with the perfect formula for frosted cookie flavored water, you’ll be the first to know!



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