So when I started Recovering Carbie it was all about “paying it forward”. Paying forward the inspiration I had received which helped me change my life. I had absolutely no clue where it would lead or that it would grow into me being asked to write for other sources and spread my message even farther. So compensation I’m receiving I’m turning around and putting right back in to get this message EVEN FARTHER!! So I think it’s time for a Giveaway!! And I know just what to start with… seriously no joke my headbands are far and away the number one question I get on the blog and social media. Yes I adore them… and you will too… so here’s what we’re going to do… if we can get Recovering Carbie to 500 followers on Facebook I will giveaway 2 headbands!! I’ll even let you choose your style and it will be shipped directly to you from Amazon! So here’s what you need to do! Share the post with your friends, on pages, anywhere and comment below that you shared. Once we hit 500 likes I’ll have the kids randomly select two numbers and we’ll get those headbands to two people! I’ve got even bigger plans for 1000 likes so stay tuned!


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