I received a great question today about my workout routine.

 “What is your typical workout routine?”  

If you follow my blog you know that working out is my passion. My hobby. I absolutely love it. I credit my love of working out with helping me shed 125 pounds in just one year.

I work out A LOT, most of the time 6-7 days a week. I know that may seem like an impossibility to you. It certainly did to me when I started. I was convinced I had no time to workout. However, after I started doing it I fell in love with the physical and emotional effects it was giving me. It became a daily necessity, something I had to work in each day.

If you love something enough you will find a way to work it in.

So that’s why I workout, but you want to know how I workout. What am I doing those 7 days a week? 

Before I share with you my average schedule please know that working out is very personal, it’s not one size fits all. I’m a firm believer that you will not find your love of working out unless you are really doing activities you enjoy. I encourage you to try multiple forms of exercise to see what sticks. Throughout my year I have done everything from running in the mud to banging drumsticks on the floor. Keep trying different workouts until you find workouts that you love. My workout schedule may not work for you.

Now one more warning before I share my routine. Don’t get overwhelmed and think that this is what you have to do to lose weight. I want you to know that the first 75 pounds of my weight loss was accomplished entirely through walking 10,000 steps a day. No classes, no running… Just plain walking.

So without further adieu… here’s my current workout routine.

I start with a base goal each day of 10,000 steps. So I have to get those steps everyday in some way shape or form. If you are starting out just start with this concept. Get a step tracker (I love my Apple Watch) and get the 10,000 steps. Every. Single. Day.

Monday: Orange Theory & Walking

I kick off my week with an early morning Orange Theory Fitness class. If you haven’t tried Orange Theory or heard of it you need to promise me you will look into it. It is an amazing workout and one of my favorites.

Orange Theory or OTF is all about heartrate and interval training. You wear a heart monitor around your chest or arm when you come into the class. The goal is to get your heart in the “Orange zone” for at least 12 minutes of the hour workout. You see your heart rate on a large tv screen so you can track your progress.

You then get individualized results emailed to you to see how you did.

OTF trainers lead you through a heartrate roller coaster. You either start on the treadmill or the weight floor/rowers. On the treadmills you basically burst run or walk in increments. The workout is completely personalized so if you and I were next to each other I might be running and you might be walking. On the weight floor you use light dumbells and TRX bands to get a great workout. On the rowers you usually row for a set distance. The equipment is awesome. The rowers are smooth, the treadmills absorb your run.  Plus you get a personal trainer encouraging you and helping you crush the hour workout. It’s awesome.

I also walk after OTF either right after or in the evening. I try to get at least 5 miles in (counting the miles I get in at OTF).

Tuesday: Cardio & Abs 

Tuesday I do 5 miles of cardio in some form. I live a mile from my YMCA so walking to and from gets me 2 miles in. Once there I’ll get in 3 miles. Sometimes slow around the track, sometimes burst running on the treadmill, sometimes running outside.

I also hit the weight room and get some ab work in. I’ll be honest, Ab work is something I usually dread…

Yeah that’s about how I feel about ab work. But alas I have to struggle through.  Here’s what I do:
50 sit-ups on declined weight bench (resting every 10)

4 sets of 20 side bends with 25 pound dumbbell.

20 leg ups. Lie on your back and put your legs in the air, then lower and raise.

20 penguins. Lie down and crunch up and go side to side touching your heels.

20 side sit-ups. Legs to one side and then crunch.

20 mountain climbers. Plank position and then move your legs back and forth bringing your knee up to your chest.

10 leg lifts on this ab machine at the Y.

I usually split up these ab exercises between my miles so I’ll do half and then walk and finish them up.

Wednesday: Body Pump, Cardio, and abs 

Wednesday I’ll get my 5 miles of cardio in as stated above and repeat my ab exercises (as my midsection is really my challenging area).

I go to Body Pump at my Y in the evening. I never thought I would love weight lifting but it single handedly has made the most changes to my body. Body Pump is a one hour weight lifting class where you lift light weights in a choreographed environment. It’s a great all over body workout.

Thursday: Cardio and Legs 

Thursday I get my 5 miles of cardio in usually by running. I then work on my legs by doing the stairclimber, elliptical and bike. Anything to challenge my thighs and glutes.

Friday: Orange Theory & Walking 

Fridays I’m back at OTF and will do some walking to get my 5 miles in. By Friday my body had been challenged enough so I take it slow.

Saturday: Free Days and arms/abs

Saturday is up in the air for me. Solely depends on how I feel. Sometimes I do an Airrobics class at the trampoline park, sometimes I’ll lift weights. Sometimes I just stick with cardio. Saturdays are usually a really busy day of running around with the kids so I just get in what I can.

One thing I definitely try to get in are some arm exercises and repeat my ab workout. The arm exercise I use is:

Sunday: Body Pump and cardio 

Sunday I’m back at Body Pump and I’ll do some cardio.

This is also usually a day I work out with my kids so I generally do what they feel like doing. Running, walking, you name it we do it.

So there you have it… a week in the life of my workout! I would love to hear about your schedule so let me know what’s making you sweat!



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