It’s a great question… what are the low carb foods I can’t live without? Here we go…

(1) Low Carb Tortillas

I’m pretty sure I could be the spokeswoman for Mission Low carb tortillas because I eat them every day. I absolutely love low carb tortillas. They are my vessel for everything from sandwiches to cheeseburgers. For breakfast I make wraps with sausage (and eggs for my kids), for lunch they are my bread for sandwiches, and for dinner I’ve used them for everything Mexican but also as noodles in lasagnas. I even make French toast out of them (see this post for my recipe). There are so many brands in stores but Mission are my favorite. They come in different sizes from 3 net carbs up to 6. 
(2) Frozen sausage patties

Mornings in my house are insane so I need quick breakfasts. I use Jimmy Dean turkey sausage. In my microwave for just about a minute and presto it’s breakfast. 

(3) Cheese sticks 

I’m not a huge snacker but when I do snack I love cheese sticks. They fill me up and are a quick on the go snack. Plus no carbs so you can’t beat that. 

(4) Low carb Ketchup

It’s seems funny but sometimes it’s the small things you miss on low carb. Ketchup is the perfect example. Ketchup is really sugary. Heinz has a reduced sugar ketchup that makes it so I can have my favorite condiment. 

(5) Cream cheese

I cook a lot with cream cheese. I make alfredo sauces out of it or just add it to taco meat for creaminess. The full fat version has less carbs than low fat but not a huge difference, so if you feel better with lower fat go right ahead. 

(6) Atkins Cookie and Cream bars

We all have those candy bar cravings. I satisfy mine with Atkins Cookie and Cream bars. They are my candy. I know there are a lot of protein bars that are better for you but I have a nut allergy so it’s hard for me to find better choices. I love these. 

(7) Cabbage

I love pasta and so when I started looking for pasta substitutes I of course first went to zucchini. I don’t like zucchini for a noodle substitute because it gets too soggy. So I shred a head of cabbage and use it with alfredo sauce or just butter and meat for a quick dinner. The cabbage seems to hold up better for me. Plus it’s super cheap. 

(8) Redi-whip

Yes you read that right. You can have Redi whip extra creamy to add a special topping to a treat!! Seriously. Try with some sugar free pudding for a great dessert. Who knew?!? 

(9) Strawberries and Blueberries

Fruit is tough on low carb. Anything sweet is going to be higher in carbs. Strawberries and blueberries are a good choice. They give me a great sweet treat. 

(10) Ranch Seasoning 

If you want to season things use Ranch seasoning. No carbs and makes everything taste better. Sprinkle it over cauliflower or broccoli, use it on chicken, you can use it so many places! 

(11) Ranch Dressing

While we’re talking about Ranch, full fat Ranch is your best option for dipping sauce. It tastes great and super low carb. Stay away from diet dressings… they are full of sugar and carbs. 

(12) Pork Rinds

I know this is a tough one because they are gross but these are so great to grind up and bread things with. They can replace breadcrumbs in your recipes. So basically anything you want to fry can be breaded with these. Mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, chicken fried steak. They taste great as a breading I promise. 

(13) Moon cheese

Want a crunchy snack? I love moon cheese. It’s just cheese in a cheese ball form. It’s crunchy, salty, and wonderful. 

(14) Frozen broccoli

Broccoli is my go to side of choice. I buy bags of frozen broccoli and keep them on hand when I need a quick side dish. Melt butter and cheese over it and it’s perfection. 

(15) Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is by far my favorite side dish. I use it as a pasta substitute. My favorite way to make it is with a cream cheese alfredo sauce (just cream cheese, heavy cream, butter, and garlic) and frozen spinach. Super yummy. It may look hard to make but you can make it in the Instant Pot or oven. 

(16) Ground beef/turkey

I buy a ton of this and keep in my freezer. I use it for tacos, loose meat sandwiches, burgers, or just mixed in with some cabbage or cauliflower. So simple but so good. 

(17) Italian Dressing

Marinades are hard to find on low carb but Italian dressing works great. Make sure you find one that is low carb. Use it as a marinade for amazing chicken. 

(18) Frozen sliced chicken breasts

If you need a fast dinner frozen sliced chicken breasts can be used in a variety of ways. Fajitas or just over some mashed cauliflower. Great for Caesar salads too. 
(19) Halo Ice Cream 

When you want dessert Halo ice cream is awesome. Just watch your servings and keep in mind it has sugar alcohol in it which may upset your tummy if you eat too much. 

(20) Ripple Milk

Milk has carbs in it so I buy Ripple Milk, a plant based milk,  to use in my protein shakes or recipes where I need milk. I buy the unsweetened variety so make sure you read the label. The flavored version has tons of carbs. 

(21) Protein shakes

Every night I drink a chocolate protein shake. It’s the way I get my sweet treat and fuel my body. You can blend it with Ripple milk and ice for a shake. Just make sure you check carb count because some protein shakes are high. I get mine at GNC. 

(22) Zevia

If you are a soda drinker consider switching to Zevia. No carbs, no sugar, and it tastes like Diet Pepsi. 

(23) Truvia 

When you need a sugar substitute I use Truvia. I love the flavor (no aftertaste) and it allows me to have sugar in my recipes. 

(24) Cocoa Powder

Love chocolate? Cocoa powder has no carbs. It’s really bitter though so you need to sweeten it with Truvia or another form of sweeetener. Use it for desserts. You can whip your own whip cream from heavy cream and mix it in for a yummy treat. You can also make mug cakes and other great desserts. 

(25) Coconut Oil 

I use coconut oil spray instead of Pam. I brown things in coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. I love the sweet flavor and health benefits. 

(26) Bacon 

Yes my friends you can eat bacon. It’s a great ingredient to wrap around meatloaf for extra flavor or top a salad with. A lot of people say that bacon alone makes them love Low carb. 

And there you have it. My low carb essentials! What are some of your low carb staples?? If you have some great finds I’d love to hear about it. 


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