Have any meat and potato people in your life? I do! I do!


Meet my husband Todd. Todd has been my most supportive cheerleader along my journey to a better me. He has put up with me completely overhauling how we eat, tried all my recipe disasters (I don’t think he’ll trust me ever again after Cauliflower crust pizza), encourages me to keep inspiring families to eat healthier.

And now he’s gone from watching me change my health to working on his right along side me. 

Todd is slowly coming over to the Low Carb lifestyle. However, he can’t jump full boar like I did. Todd is challenged in this lifestyle because he does not like vegetables. He’s all for the meat part of the low carb life, but the fact that he can’t really find any side dishes he likes has made this journey a little harder for him.

In other words he’s a challenged Recovering Carbie. 

So I’ve been on a mission to help Todd slowly step into this amazing way to eat. 

Todd absolutely LOVES potatoes. He’s a meat and potato Iowa boy after all! So, since I started this journey to get my family eating healthy, I’ve been looking for options for him so he can give up his potatoes and start eating healthier side dishes. So like many of you probably have done, I started to research options to de-carb potatoes.

I tried everything, and none of the classic potato substitutes worked for Todd. Mashed Cauliflower is too liquid-y, spaghetti squash too stringy and “squashy”. Failure after failure after failure. Nothing could replace his potato. 

Well…that was until the butternut squash entered our kitchen.


Now at first glance I did not think the Butternut Squash and I would get along. I research a ton about fruits and vegetables and butternut squash has a higher carb count than I normally like. A butternut squash has 13.2 net carbs for a one cup serving and 27 for the whole squash.

BUT here’s the deal. I want Todd to create a lifestyle like I have, and for Todd potatoes are non-negotiable. It’s like me and pizza… just something we need to try and work with. I want him to love this lifestyle as much as I do…and to do that, he’s going to have to have something pretty close to potatoes.

Butternut Squash is THE low carb potato! Seriously, it has the same consistency and “Grandma’s kitchen on a Sunday evening” feeling when you eat it. Plus any squash that can make my husband walk away from a carb filled lifestyle and toward a healthy way of life is a superfood in my book. 

Now of course, because its higher in carbs you must watch your servings closely when you are making it for you and your family. But, as long as you watch your servings and serve it as the only carb in your meal, I say EAT THAT SQUASH GANG!! 

And I’m here to tell you that scalloped butternut squash may just be the greatest butternut squash recipe out there. I created it from a full carb version I found online. I made a few tweaks and discovered a new family favorite!

So here’s what you need:

1 butternut squash

1 stick of butter

1 tablespoons of minced garlic (I used the jar kind)

1/2 cup of no-bread breadcrumbs 

*For a full family, make 2 butternut squash, 1 will not be enough for a hungry family!

Pre-heat over to 400 degrees.

Peel your butternut squash. Slice in half and scoop out seeds at bottom.

Cut the halves into slices, just like you would do for scalloped potatoes.

Place slices in a greased baking dish.

In a saucepan melt 1 stick of butter with the garlic. Stir until butter is melted and garlic has infused the butter.

Pour butter mixture over the butternut squash. Move around to make sure each piece is coated.

Sprinkle no-carb breadcrumbs over the top.

Bake uncovered for 45 minutes or until tender.

If you are making two squash, just double the recipe above, melt two sticks of butter etc.  Play with the garlic flavor for your taste as well.

I was seriously floored by this stuff! It tastes EXACTLY like scalloped potatoes, same creamy consistency, same delicious flavor. It’s true perfection and will for sure help you convert the potato lovers in your family to this lifestyle!

 If you use one butternut squash it will serve about 4 people, with each serving being 10 net carbs each.  2 squash which is what I used, will feed about 6-8 people. 

I served mine with pork chops (0 carbs) so the only carbs in our meal came from the squash!

And that my friends is how Recovering Carbie took one giant step toward bringing my potato loving husband on board with this low carb lifestyle!

Make this now!! 








Now, I’ll tell you up front, the Butternut Squash is not the perfect low carb food. It is actually higher in carb count than I like for a side dish. BUT, it is delicious and a perfect substitute for a potato.


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