I joined Orange Fitness Theory as a founding member in May this year. Since then this high intensity workout has become one of my workout obsessions! 

I mean what’s not to love… it’s a high intensity work out where you wear a heart monitor and aim to get your heart in the orange or red zone (84% of your maximum heart rate and higher) for 12 minutes of the workout. The “theory” is that if you do this you will continue to burn calories for the next 24-36 hours. Yes that means if you did Orange Theory today you could be burning calories while you are sitting here reading this. 

This group workout is divided into three parts… there are the treadmills (the world’s most mind blowing treadmills as they feel cushioned when your run and have a wind-blown-look fan on them to keep you cool), the rowers, and the weight floor where you lift anywhere from 8-25 pounds (or more if you choose) in various exercises. The exercise is led by a coach who cheers you on and guides your class. They tell you exactly what to do. No guesswork. Your heart rate shows up on the screen ahead of you so you can keep tabs on how you are doing. Every minute you spend in the orange or red zone becomes a “splat point” on the screen. 

I started doing Orange Theory twice a week, but recently I decided to up that to 4 days. The workout is really like no other and it is helping me achieve amazing results.  When I go to the gym alone I don’t push myself that hard but at OTF I have a coach cheering me on and helping me do more than I “want”. 

So as part of my new plan to up the amount of classes I do at OTF, I decided I would add one 90 minute class a week. Normally the OTF classes are 60 minutes but on Saturday and Sunday they offer a special 90 minute class. 

I’ve got to admit I was a little nervous to try the 90 minute class. This workout makes me work HARD and I questioned whether I could do 90 minutes. 

But you all know I love a challenge! 

So what is a 90 minute OTF class like?? 

We first started on the treadmills. When I joined OTF the treadmills worried me because I could not run. But the best part about this workout is you can choose whether your run or walk. There are just as many people who run than walk. No one around you cares whether you run or walk… they are only worried about their splat points! 

 The treadmill card on the treadmill helps you choose a pace:

So the workout started and our coach guided us through an endurance block. We did our push pace for 2 minutes then our base pace for a minute.  Back and forth we went between the paces. A little faster, a little slower… back and forth. Longest I had to run fast today was 2 minutes. 

After that first 6 minutes we headed to the weight floor for our first weight block. 

On the weight floor you get your own set of dumbbells, again giving you have the power to pick what weight to use. 

Our first block had us doing squat swings and planks on the Bosu ball. Your coach is there to help you with form. And don’t feel bad if you get corrected a lot… My coaches correct me all the time!!! But honestly when they do I’m so grateful for the second they do I magically feel the body part I should be working. 

After this block we rowed for 300 m. I love to row, it’s where I feel super strong and fast (thanks to my long legs!). This particular workout didn’t have a ton of rowing, but we rowed at the end of the first blocks and then spent 12 minutes doing 300 m followed by 30 squats, then 200 meters followed by 20 and 100 meters followed by 10.  I had never rowed before starting OTF but I caught on super fast. 

We went back to the treadmill for block two. We then switched back and forth for the rest of the class. I love switch workouts like this because they go super fast. 

During this class we did crunches, used the TRX bands and did body weight squats, planks and burpees. But we weren’t in one place very long so the class went super fast. 

Before I knew it the class was done. It honestly didn’t feel much longer than a regular class. 

There is nothing quite like crushing a workout and crushing a 90 minute OTF workout felt amazing. Don’t be afraid to give his workout a try. If you can do a 60 minute OTF you can do a 90 minute! 

According to my Apple Watch I burned 1039 calories during this 90 minute workout. I earned 26 splat points (26 minutes of the workout I was in that coveted orange zone). I left feeling stronger, confident and so ready to do this again next week.  Plus I was home by 8:15 am and already done working out for the day. 

Here’s a little video tour of my workout today! Definitely check it out. You will love the 90 minute OTF! 

See you at the next 90 minute class!! 



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