So my house is under construction as we are getting new floors put in. Thus, we have been eating out A LOT this week.

Ugh, Eating Out…a dieters nightmare!

I get a lot of questions about what I do when I eat out. First of all, if I go to a restaurant I ALWAYS check out their website and plan. It never ceases to amaze me what meals I think will be low carb and those that actually are. For example, did you know that Chili’s crispers (which are basically breaded chicken tenders) are actually not that Carbie? Now if you do the crispy or one of the flavorings you are in trouble, but the Crispers are actually not God awful!

For pizza, it’s easy. Just do the thin crust and skip the sauce. The sauce is where the sugar lies, which in turns is where the carbs lie. Opt for no sauce or do a ranch, alfredo, or Olive Oil sauce. I’m always shocked when I see how many carbs are in pizza sauce. Also always get meat on your pizza to help fill you up!

Fast food is also easy. I skip the buns on burgers and order them plain (ketchup has a TON of sugar). I serve them over a salad or just in a low carb tortilla. Also in a bind chicken nuggets are usually a good choice.

For chinese, I usually opt for things like beef and broccoli, anything that doesn’t look too sweet, for sweet = sugar=carbs. This is probably the only place I follow the “light” or “healthy” portions of a menu. Usually when a restaurant calls something healthy it still has way too many carbs and doesn’t fill me up!

So don’t fear eating out. Completely possible!


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