Oh gang…

This weekend was a rarity in my world… I got to go away for the weekend with my husband and our amazing friends for a crazy football tailgating weekend to cheer on our Iowa Hawkeyes.

Bar hopping, tailgating, dinners out, eating, drinking, french fries, deep dish pizza….temptation was everywhere I looked. The weekend was all about letting loose and having a fun time.

I planned for this trip ahead of time. I packed low carb drink options and even checked out the hotel workout room where we were staying.

I was determined to be “good”. I planned to stay on track.

But this is life and it doesn’t always go as planned.


I didn’t stay on track. I was thrown off, nachos and cheese curds in hand, and fell crashing to the ground. My best laid plans fell way…way… WAY short.

Oh I didn’t just fall off the wagon… the wagon rolled back and forth over me multiple times and spit me out.

So I’d love to tell you that I made it through the weekend on “plan”… that I successfully avoided carbs, sugar and overeating while still having an amazing time. Super Recovering Carbie!!!!

But nope! That didnt happen. Not even close.

Oh sure, I had tons of healthy options available to me for sure… low carb drinks, steak and veggies on the menu, veggie trays on the tailgating buffet. Tools there to help me navigate the weekend.

But yet “I failed”, I “cheated” as we all like to say. I spent the last two days completely off track. I ate the bun, I literally drank out of the fishbowl!! No counting, no tracking steps.

I ate the cookies, I drank the beer.

So am I sorry? Guilty? A failure?


I’m one happy human.

Apart from the inevitable stomachache that follows anytime I overindulge and eat carbs I feel fantastic. Not an ounce of guilt. I work so hard for moments like these. I deserved this weekend and I embraced it. Failure and all.

I don’t regret one single bite, one single minute. I had a blast and made so many memories. I laughed till my stomach hurt and enjoyed time away from reality for awhile.

Life is full of moments like these and sometimes you soar… and yes sometimes, like me, you fall.

And it’s okay. That’s just life.

I debated keeping this story to myself… after all I am supposed to be helping you navigate moments exactly like this… “Decarbing Tailgates- The tale of a Hawkeye Fan with unbeatable willpower” should have been the name of this post right??

But that’s not MY story. That’s not MY reality.

I promised myself that if i was going to open up my life, share this journey, I was going to tell ALL the moments, from the good, to the bad, and yes even the ugly. I’m not here to tell you how to find health in a perfect world. I want to show you how I’m finding it in the REAL world.

These cheat days may not be my finest healthiest moments but they are just as important to my journey as my Beast Mode moments.

These moments teach me to keep getting up. “How to fall off the wagon and get back up” is single handedly the hardest diet lesson to learn. Period.

I get a lot of messages about people feeling like failures when they cheat. They feel that this means they can’t do this, they failed and somehow should just stop.

I used to feel like that a lot! I couldn’t get back on track after a fall. And that’s why i cycled through every diet under the sun.

This is a lifestyle I plan to have for the next 60 years… so I knew I had to conquer getting back up after a fall.

So I just started doing it. Failing and getting back on track. And every time I did this it became easier.

So I learned not to let these moments have that power… they can’t stop me and they can’t stop you. Over these last 130 pounds I have fallen off the wagon more times than I can count. I have ate the cake, skipped the workout. And yet, I still found success. Everytime I picked myself up and climbed back on the wagon these cheat days became less scary and more of just an ordinary inconsequential moment in time.

So don’t let moments like my weekend knock you off for good. Just realize you are human, that this is life, and sometimes life hands you Long Island Iced Teas instead of La Croix.

And that’s OKAY.

Today I woke up, drank my supplements, stayed consistent, booked my week of workouts, and yes I even sat in Subway with a team of people who were eating fluffy bread and pulled my low carb tortillas out of my purse and proudly ate my sandwich on that in front of the “what is she doing?” stares.

Now if that’s not getting back on the wagon I’m not sure what is!


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