I was tagged in a post on a weight loss page where someone starting their journey was incredibly frustrated because she gave up carbs and has noticed no change and is miserable. It reminded me that there are a lot of myths and misperceptions of this process I thought it was an interesting topic so I thought I’d tackle this.

So here are the top 10 myths I debunk all the time in my Inbox.

Myth #1: You just need to change your diet to lose weight.

The reason I was tagged in this post was the person who tagged me knew I had went low carb and lost over 100 pounds. BUT make no mistake about it, it was not just a diet change I had to make. I work out A LOT! So I didn’t just change how I ate. It’s a two part process… diet and exercise. Both are crucial to the process. I lost my weight fast but remember I work out 6 days a week. You have to do both. And the flip is true as well. If you kill yourself in the gym, it’s not going to matter if you are eating crap when you get home.

Myth #2: You need to give up all carbs to find success.

This is a very common one. I can’t tell you how many people go out with me and say “Oh Sorry Mandi that has carbs in it!!” “How can you eat that….it has carbs in it???” Remember, I eat carbs. So many people are afraid to start this diet because they can’t imagine their life without carbs. I get that. I am the same way. But remember it’s LOW carb not NO carb. I still eat carbs every single day. Just treat carbs like calories… keep them in check but you dont give them up entirely.

Myth #3: You can find success by following someone else’s plan.

The most common messages I get consist of questions like “Tell me exactly how many carbs you eat a day”… “I don’t understand I ate the same amount of carbs as you said on Instagram”. There is a reason why I don’t blog and tell you how many carbs I eat a day!! Remember that this diet is about finding the right amount of “fuel” for you. Carbs and Fat are the gasoline for your body so how much fuel I burn is going to be different that how much you burn. I may be able to eat more carbs than you because I burn them off with my workouts. You may be a complete beast and can eat more carbs than me. This is why I refuse to follow a set plan. No Atkins, No Yoli. What someone else tells me to do may inspire me but I still have to make sure it works for me. What is the point of starting something I can’t maintain. So let Dr. Drinkashake publish his books and charge $1000 for his diet plans. You don’t need them. Go your own way!

Myth #4: Diet food helps you lose weight.

If something says “Diet” on it, “Light”, or “Low Fat”, stay far far away. People think if they eat what the diet industry says is “diet” will help you lose weight. That stuff is making you gain. Think about it gang….they make money by you being overweight!

Myth #5: If it comes from Health Food Section it’s good to eat.

This was one I learned the hard way. Even in the health market you need to read the labels. I once found tortillas in the health section with 36 carbs in them!! Read labels everywhere. You decide what is healthy… not Hy-Vee.

Myth #6: You can eat all the fruit and veggies you want.

This was a weird thing for me when I started. I always thought that I could eat whatever fruits and veggies I wanted. They have carbs too!! I eat fruit but it is a treat and when I do I keep my portions in check. Veggies like corn have a lot of carbs. So even with fruits and veggies you have to keep them in check. You still have to check them.

Myth #7: I can’t lift weights because I’ll bulk up.

I am a big proponent of weight lifting. It is the one exercise I have done that has changed my body the most. You need to do weight lifting ladies! You will not Hulk out I promise, you will thin and tone. The fact that I weight lift has prevented a lot of excess hanging skin during this process. The sole reason why people don’t know I had a high volume weight loss by looking at me is because I lift weights. Weight lifting is just as important as cardio. That’s why I do Orange Theory because there is both. Become a lady who lifts!

Myth #8: I can’t eat desserts.

Wrong again. I eat dessert most nights. I love Salted Caramel yogurt with whipped cream. I also often whip up heavy cream with Truvia and like a kid I eat whipped cream out of a bowl! I love Halo ice cream and have discovered so many amazing keto desserts. You can eat dessert and good decadent desserts at that!!

Myth #9: I can never eat out.

I am a busy working Mom. I eat out all the time even drive thru. I just have to plan. Most restaurants have nutritional menus online. Just be smart… skip buns, skip the fries. Plan your meal around meat.

Myth #10: Fat makes you fat

That leads me to the largest myth. Low fat diets do not work. I eat more fat now than i did at 300 pounds. Fat does not make you fat. I eat real butter, heavy cream, etc. Fat is the fuel I use during my day instead of carbs. So you dont have to be miserable eating diet food crap. It’s not the fat you have to worry about. I dont even look at that part of a label. Carbs and sugar are the enemies… not fat!

So there you go… myths busted! What other diet myths do you often hear? Let me hear them!


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