So today I noticed the parking lots of my gyms filling up. Just a reminder that the new year is almost upon us. It never fails the gyms fill up at the start of the year with the “resolution crowd”. Back in the day I was just like these people… I needed an BIG moment to kick off yet another diet. The 1st of the year was always a big choice for me. And so I would start my resolution and then I’d forget all about it by mid February.

Can anyone really meet a resolution?! Not I.

We fail at resolutions not because we aren’t strong enough to do it but because we come up with these huge mountain like goals!!! We focus so heavily on the finish line, the end result, where we want to be.

So I encourage you this year to buck the resolution trend. Just start now. Commit. You don’t need to wait for a big moment or a certain date. You don’t need to know how you are going to do this. You don’t need a plan. You don’t need a road map. Just “drive”. Just now.

Want to know the key to diet success?!!

Wait for it….


That’s it. If you Stop all those thoughts of how you can manage to find time and willpower to do this and just start… you will succeed.

Spoiler alert… no one knows how the hell to do this. I’ve lost 130 pounds and I still don’t have the answers. I still fail. I still doubt. I still wonder how to maintain this. So there are no answers to all the questions in your mind. There is no diet plan that can answer these questions for you. So you need to stop asking.

Today is a perfect day to start.

I mean think about it… how many New Year Resolutions have you failed at?? A lot right?!?! But how many December 5th resolutions have you failed at? None right?!?

Okay so we’re going to start. But we’re not going to make these huge lofty goals and manifestos of the perfect life with no bread and amazing workouts.

Yes I am actually telling you to do this without goals.

If you start with these huge goals you will stall at the Starting line. Think about it… if you are at the Starting Line and you know you have to run 26 miles you will stand there like a deer in the headlights. You want me to run how far? How can I do that? You don’t even want to start because you know you can’t do it.

But if you are at the Starting line and just need to run 30 seconds you won’t even think….You’ll just go.

Most people don’t start dieting because it’s so overwhelming. They look at how far they need to go. “I have to change my whole life”. They turn it into the 26 mile run.

Trust me I understand how overwhelming it is to start. Trust me when I was over 300 pounds I cried in my car more times than I care to mention because I was so lost on how on earth I would do it. I had so far to go! I had no time. When I looked at the end goal I could hardly breathe. The idea of losing 100 pounds seemed like Mount Everest in front of me. So I stood stalled at the Starting line forever. I’m notorious for putting off things that are hard.

But then I stopped looking at the mountain. Sure I knew it was there but I refused to look at the ominous sight in front of me. I kept my eyes down so speak. I didn’t set out to lose 100 pounds. In fact I only weighed myself once a month. I had no answers of how I was going to do this with my life, my lack of time, my love of carbs. I just stopped thinking… stopped asking.

So don’t look at the whole thing, eyes down. Don’t see the forest… just one tree at a time.

Today just do one thing… maybe a walk, maybe sign up for a class, maybe half the bread on your sandwich, maybe one less pop and one more glass of water. Just focus on Tuesday. That’s it. One day. Don’t worry about how you will avoid your Grandma’s Christmas Cookies or what you will do at the holiday party. And don’t wonder if you can live your whole life with low carb or no sugar. Just one day. Just Tuesday. One tree at a time… look at the road not the finish line.

You do that and I promise we will be celebrating at your finish line before you know it.


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