Oh my friends… my feed is blowing up with so many people wanting to find that perfect diet plan for the year. Keto? Weight Watchers? Nutri System? Paleo? Yoli? No wonder so many people have a hard time getting started…. the diet industry has flooded our world with so many options!!!

In my 39 years of life I have literally tried every diet under the sun. Name it I’ve paid for it. I’ve drank it, I’ve counted it, I’ve ate it, I have avoided it. And I failed at every single one. Every single one.

Why? They are experts!!! They have famous spokespeople with those amazing before and afters!!! What am I doing wrong??!!! The answer I have learned is that I wasn’t doing anything wrong… those diets just weren’t something I could maintain and live with. They were temporary fixes not lifestyle changes.

Ever wonder why people can’t decide which is the best diet plan out there?? Try a post on your Facebook wall asking for opinions on the best diet plan and within minutes you will have SO many opinions. This works, no it doesn’t work, this will save you… no don’t try that!! How can something be seen as so great to one and doesn’t work for another??!!!!!

It’s because we are all different. We aren’t “one size fits all”. So we all can’t diet the same.

My 130 pound loss happened when I made one simple decision… no more plans. No more paying the diet industry to give me the miracle cure. Guys there is no perfect diet…. no miracle cure. You will find diet success when you go your own way.

In order to find true success you need to ask yourself if you can do something FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!

So your best friend tells you to do Weight Watchers… pass it through your test… research it look at it through the glasses of your life and ask yourself if you can follow that for the rest of your life. If you can, go for it. If you think you will Only be able to do it short term pass on it. What is the point of doing a diet you can’t stick with?!!!

SO many people ask me what plan I’m on. Am I Keto? am I simply low carb? Am I low sugar? The answer is none of them!! Sure I use plans to get inspired or learn stuff but I still pass everything through my test and modify it as needed. I’m on my own plan. A plan that always changes… a plan that has me succeeding sometimes and yes even failing sometimes.

For me, I choose to lower my carbs and sugar in a way that I can live with for the next 50 years. So do I eat absolutely no carbs?? No way man! But can I swap low carb tortillas for bread??? Absolutely. My success has been a zillion small changes coupled with a lot of exercise.

It is that simple my friends. That “free”. That easy. You don’t need to pay companies to make you a plan. Just balance the fuel you put in your body (ie your food) with your output (your activity).

I don’t spend any money on the nutrition side of things outside some supplements that I use to help make my workouts better. I don’t drink my meals… not because that’s wrong, it just doesn’t work for me. If that works for you I am all for it!!! As long as you passed it through your test you are good to go.

Instead, I choose to spend my money on my activity portion. My OTF membership, my Y membership. The diet industry doesn’t know my cravings, my time, my fuel needs… so I choose not to pay them to tell me what to do. I’m better off paying for opportunities for me to keep moving.

No one has the answers. I don’t… Oprah doesn’t, even doctors don’t. It takes awhile to develop a plan that works for you but once you do it’s amazing. You start losing weight without being miserable!

So start 2018 on a new foot. Just pass things through your test and see where that leads you. Before you know it you will have an amazing lifestyle plan that you can actually live with!! You will find your success.


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