Okay let’s talk about the big giant elephant in the room… Time.

The number one thing that always stalled me in any weight loss mission was this damn thing… time… or lack thereof. Time seriously has been my largest obstacle and scariest opponent and I can’t even see it.

I was not stupid or blind all those years that I lived incredibly obese. I knew what I felt like. I saw what I looked like, I heard the doctors. But what no one realized is that I wanted to change things more than anything. But I simply couldn’t.

I had no time.

My husband worked nights, I had a crazy busy full time job and my three kids were involved in every activity under the sun. I did it all… I never asked for help, and so since I purposely chose to have so much on my plate, I had no room for anything more.

Plus if I’m truly honest I didn’t think I was important enough to devote time to. I had so many other people to focus on. People I looked at as so much more crucial to my existence than myself. I was a Mom, a wife… my time needed to be their time. If I were to give myself time I always felt selfish, guilty.

Those super Moms had the time… I did not. I hardly had time to sleep so how on earth would I have time to devote to working out or meal planning?

See I saw myself as the base of the pyramid of my whole family’s life… and a pyramid has to have a base. If I walked away, even for a second, I was certain the pyramid would crumble down all around me.

Boy oh boy was I wrong. I wasn’t the sole base of our life pyramid. My whole family was there right with me. We are all bases… we all can support the pyramid. So if I stepped away for a minute nothing would happen.

So How did I find the courage to walk away from the pyramid and see if it would crumble?

I wish I could tell you I had some big epiphany that changed my mindset. Nope. I simply was forced out. Forced into making the time. My health deteriorated to such an extent that I simply had to try this past time. I couldn’t keep living like I was.

So when I started I had all the same doubts you all do. In fact when I signed the check at the Y I literally rolled my eyes and said “well here is $60 down the drain… I’ll never have time to come here”.

But I tried. I started to experiment with our schedule. And an amazing thing happened. I found the time. I found pockets in my day to devote to me and each time I did my life pyramid stayed just as strong as before…

Actually I think it became stronger because when I stepped away the other members of the pyramid had to become stronger. And they did. My husband had to start doing more for the kids. My kids had to gain a bit of independence. More things on our plate was the best thing we ever did.

So you have time. It’s there. It’s just hidden by your thoughts, your idea that you have to do absolutely everything for others and nothing for yourself.

It’s not selfish to take time for yourself. I’m a better person for it. My kids will tell you I’m a better Mom. The quantity of time may have gone down a bit… by the Quality grew 10 fold.

We simply make time for the priorities in our life. If we want to do something, if we feel it is important we will make time for it. Period.

So the key is to just re-prioritize. Working out has to be an essential in your life… it’s non-negotiable so you have to make time for it. Force yourself to do that if you must. But do it.

I lost 130 pounds and I run around like mad, I eat from the Desk, I watch the latest tv shows a year later while I wait on my kids, I’m pulled in 1000 different directions daily, my Cozi calendar looks like a box of crayons exploded, my kids think all food comes out of an Instant Pot. But I did it. And if I can… you can too.


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