Okay so yesterday we talked about the never ending debate about what diet plan is the best for us. If you ask that question you will get about a million different opinions. Which is why this side of the journey is so hard. So much gray area, so much confusion.

But the other side of the coin is much MUCH easier.

Working out.

Sorry to disagree with those peppy voices on the radio ads or the late night infomercials but if you want to lose weight you have to spend just as much effort overhauling your activity level than you do your diet.

Make no mistake the reason I dropped my weight as fast as I did is that I work out…. A LOT. Those tv models may be able to change their bodies with “10 minutes-a day” but that’s not me.

I work out 6 days a week for about 2 hours a day. Week after week. Even though I’m a full time working Mom with kids that are as busy as the whole Kardashian clan times two, I had to overhaul my life to make time for this. And if I can find the time to do this trust me you can too. And although my workout level and activities have changed over the journey the amount of time I spend really hasn’t changed. You have to put in the time. Everyday.

When I help people kickstart their journeys I tell them the opposite of what others may say… I don’t tell people to just workout a day a week. No putting one toe in the water, cannonball right in!

I tell people the amount you have to workout depends on how good you are with eating. So at the beginning you may have to workout every single day. If you are struggling with your diet changes and are not able to give up all the “bad stuff” yet then you need to increase your workout. You need to do more than others.

In other words, you want that ice cream every night? Go for it…. but then I better see you on the track each day.

It’s simple… food is fuel. So if you, like me, love to eat and cannot humanly eat bird size amounts then you are going to have to increase your activity so that you burn more fuel. If you are a rockstar and can eat solely cauliflower and chicken then maybe you don’t have to work out as much.

It’s all about balance.

Now this is not to say you have to go from Couch to Power Lifter in one day. Remember that the first 75 pounds of my weight loss was done with nothing more than walking on the track. But I spent a LOT of time walking that track. It’s the time….The repetition that matters. Beast Mode comes in time but the time you spend has to be an instant thing.

I started my journey different than any other diet I had done. I focused more on developing my workout habits than I did my menu. In fact I still do. A couple things happened when I did this: 1) I started to burn all those extra carbs I was not ready to give up yet, i.e. I needed more fuel than I did before so my body burned it and didn’t store it and 2) I found more motivation and willpower to avoid the bad stuff because after walking 4 miles the last thing that sounded good to me when I got home was a candy bar. No way would I ruin what I worked hard for!!!

So I started by going to the Y everyday and worked on developing a love and passion for working out. Did I always have this love?!! Uhhh Hell no! I used to literally watch my feet go one step after another to get my butt in that gym. I hated it. Remember when I started I was over 300 pounds. I could not walk without being winded. 80 year olds were lapping me on the track. I felt like a failure. So the first month I had to force myself to do it. The love, The passion didn’t come until I got stronger and started to see what my body could actually do and how it made me feel.

With working out, The key is to develop a strong routine and stick with it. My alarm goes off at 4:30 am to “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. I drink a preworkout drink because no human can easily get up that early and I head to Orange Theory. I do a class from 5-6. Then I drive down the street to the Y and walk 2 miles. And repeat. Now my brain and body doesn’t really think about it. Oh sure I inevitably have the mental battle with myself when that alarm goes off… “Do I really have to get up? Can’t I just miss one day? Come on Imagine Dragons, do I have to be the Thunder on a Monday??”. Happens to me every morning. I’ve just learned that once those thoughts go through my head they are gone and I can move on. They last much shorter than the guilt that fills my thoughts if I don’t go.

Now just like dieting, working out is very personal. You may hate mornings, you may not want to lift weights everyday. You need to find workouts that challenge you but you actually like. Those workouts that you may curse while you are doing them but when you finish you love them. That takes a while. It took me over a year to find my perfect routine.

So if you are struggling to get started then here’s my suggestion: start with the workout side of things. Don’t worry about your diet at first. Am

I seriously telling you to not break your Cheetos and Pepsi habit first??? Yep. I promise you that you will walk away from Chester Cheetah after killing yourself in your workouts. Develop the habit of working out and your diet changes will become more choice than requirement. So much easier to make those changes when you have a strong workout routine in place.

For those of you who have your routines in place what do you do? The more routines we can share the more we can inspire our new friends to start theirs.


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