Money, money, money….

Ever notice how it’s so much more expensive to live a healthy lifestyle than an unhealthy one?

Yeah it is… well at least in the short term as an unhealthy lifestyle will catch you in an insurance bill sooner or later.

I’m very anti-spending money to diet. Sorry Marie Osmond but I’m not paying you thousands of dollars to send me cardboard meals for the sake of a thin waistline.

But that’s not to mean that I don’t support investing money into this lifestyle. I have spent a lot to make this journey work for me. But I Keep it check and I choose to spend my hard earned money on stuff that can help me in the long run to maintain this lifestyle.

As a rule of thumb I generally subscribe to the train of thought that a better use of my money is for opportunities to move and move better so I spend most of my money on the exercise side of things. I don’t pay for a weight loss program or a diet plan. I do that simply by researching free on Google.

But allow me to share my list of my absolute necessities that I would happily spend money on. These are the things that to me are worth your Benjamins along this journey.

1. Apple Watch or other fitness tracker. Let’s hit your wallet hard first. Without a doubt my success was caused in major part by a tiny band on my wrist. The first six months of my journey where I could hardly move and breathe during my workouts the game of completing my target goals for the day was all that kept me going. Just hit your step goal Mandi…. ooh 1000 more steps!!! To date I am determined each day to hit my bullseye. My Apple Watch does everything from track my heart rate to play my music. It reminds me to walk around, to drink water, and even to breathe. Now I’m an Apple girl for life but honestly any fitness tracker you prefer will do. But you will be happy with this purchase.

2. Gym Membership. Although you can certainly exercise without a gym, for me that monthly withdrawal from my account gets me in those doors every day. If I’m spending it I’m going to use it. Now I have paid for so many different workouts over this past year. Exercise places are expensive. So after awhile I simply learned where I was getting the best bang for my buck. Get an unlimited pass to Orange Theory if you have one around you. This is the best use of your gym budget because it has everything for a complete workout plus a personal trainer. Cardio and weights together. One stop shop. I also pay for the Y so I can walk inside in inclement weather and get my family moving. I have had much more success with working out by paying for my gyms.

3. Good shoes. Okay this one was a painful lesson for me. Paying hundreds of dollars for a pair of gym shoes was something I was very against at first. Expensive shoes are just because of their brand names I thought. I hate spending money on me and honestly I don’t care if I have stylish shoes. But trust me in this… good shoes yield happy bodies. They are a requirement. Don’t skimp here. Invest in at least one good pair of shoes. It will cost you over a hundred dollars but it’s worth it. I didn’t buy good shoes for a long time and I ended up in Physical Therapy for hip and back problems. Second I came on board that I had to buy good shoes I was good. And don’t keep your shoes too long… another painful lesson I learned. They only last so many miles. Don’t buy shoes at those big box stores. Find a running store (my favorite here locally is Fleet Feet) and talk to professionals. Tell them how you work out and they will find you the perfect shoes. For me: I run in Brooks. They are solely my running shoes. I love them. I walk in New Balance or Asics.

4. Wireless Headphones. Music is everything for me. I have so many playlists to suit my workout moods but music keeps me going. Invest in a good pair of earphones (I do Powerbeats 3 by Beats). So much easier to run and move without cords.

5. Weightlifting gloves. This one is not really expensive but a necessity for me. When I row or lift weights I wear gloves. Helps to protect my hands from the wear and tear. I have a pair of Nike ones I love.

6. Pre and Post Workout drinks. Supplements can get VERY expensive and I’ve shelled out a lot of money for them. Let me just get this out here. No pill is going to make you healthy and thin. I don’t care how many success stories you can’t do this by popping magic pills. I used to think I needed the “diet” vitamins and supplements to give me the edge but I have found that I can save money and get a regular multi-vitamin and instead focus my money on stuff that I can actually feel working. So I buy a pre-workout drink (because I need a boost of caffeine at 4:30 am), a BCAA drink that I drink during the workout, and a protein for post workout. The pre-stuff gets me through my workouts and my post makes sure I’m not sore the next day. I go to GNC and get my stuff and I absolutely love LIT. Just go there and talk to them… but check carb counts on everything you buy. No sense in drinking your carbs.

7. Shaker glass. While we are talking about drinks unless you enjoy drinking chalky drinks get a good shaker glass to blend your drinks. I have one for home and work.

So will you spend money to get healthy?? Yes. It is an investment but if you analyze each purchase to see if it’s really worth your money and invest in good quality products that Work for YOU not the tv spokespeople, you will keep both your waistline and your wallet in check!

Happy Spending!


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