So what is an average workout for me? Well I can’t really say because since I do OTF things change everyday but in general I wake up at 4:30, leave the house by 4:50 (yes I’m a last minute girl) and head to Orange Theory.

I’m in class from 5-6am. For that hour I’m on the treadmills for about 1/2 hour (today it was divided up into 3 shorter blocks) and I burst run… meaning I run for a time (today about 1-2 minutes), and then walk. If I don’t feel up to running I power walk… it’s up to me. Then I do rowing and light weights for the other half of the class. Today was a lot of ab work which was good for me (that’s where I really need to work).

Class ends at 6. I usually text my husband who is without a doubt my biggest cheerleader and always sends me a morning text from work… “Good morning Beast Mode” or “killed your workout!” He always seems to know when I need an encouraging word or a laugh.

Then I head over to the Y. I get here about 6:15 and I walk until “Landon calls” at 7. I get 2 miles in. My youngest son is my other huge cheerleader. He has three reasons for calling: (1) To get my report on my workout (and yes give me crap if I’m not to my 2 miles) (2) To ask if he can wake his brother up by Nerf Gun or scaring him! and (3) To tell me to get him a Glazer donut… which yes is probably the actual reason he calls. Ha!

But during this walk I just walk slow. I usually blog (yes most of these posts are done here on the Y track), answer messages, listen to Greatest Showman or Dear Evan Hansen, Facebook, text with some of my early riser friends or just gear up for my day.

I head home at 7 and get ready for work and get my kiddos off to school.

I do this during the 5 day work week, except Wednesday’s is my day off OTF so on Wednesday I do the same except OTF is switched with Body Pump at the Y. And that’s it!

Weekends are super busy in my world so my workouts aren’t as rigid and scheduled. It’s laid back and simply what I can fit in (if anything at all). Weekdays are non-negotiable but weekends I go with the flow. If I can’t get anything in that’s fine. It’s the frosting on the cake that is my week if I can. So I’m not hard on myself during the weekends. Honestly workouts for me on the weekends involve me running around with my kids. I do an OTF on either Saturday or Sunday and take the other day completely off, and maybe workout with the kids at the Y if we are free.

This is my routine. My habit. What works for me. As you go through your journey you will find your schedule. For me there is nothing better when I head home at 7 and my workout is completely done for the day.

So now you know what I’m doing before sunrise!! But most importantly now if you see me in my workout clothes buying a Glazer donut at 7:10 am some random morning you’ll know that it is my coaches fee not me falling off the wagon! Ha!


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