Trying to start a healthy lifestyle but have no idea where to begin??

It’s probably because you are getting overwhelmed looking at the big picture. Getting started is seriously the hardest part.

So here are 10 simple things you can do right now to get started… yes even now in the evening you can start these.

(1) Set a step goal. Even if you don’t have an Apple Watch or step tracker (yet) you can still set a step goal for yourself and carry your phone with you to track the steps. Even if you can’t set a workout schedule yet start with steps. Just get your goal, even if you are pacing around your kitchen to get your last 100 steps (been there). I started this exact way. Just 10,000 steps every day.

(2) Lower sugar before you lower carbs. A lot of people have trouble starting low carb because let’s face it carbs are everywhere. People don’t want to give up the bread and pasta and I get that. So start smaller. Just start watching your sugar intake and lower that. Give up the sugary pop, walk away from the cupcake in the break room. Work on giving up the sugar first and it will make the transition easier. Lowering sugar will automatically lead to lower carbs.

(3) Drink water when you are hungry. When you feel a major snack attack coming on just pour yourself a really large glass of water and make a deal with yourself that you can have a snack if you still want it after you finish your water.

(4) Start reading labels. This is a real simple thing but start simply by monitoring what you eat. Even if you aren’t ready to change it start learning about what you are putting in. Read labels on everything and see where your carbie moments occur. Just getting in the habit of reading the labels will help as you start. You are going to become an expert label reader through this process.

(5) Eat larger meals. Okay this one I know seems backwards but a lot of people rush through meals and then snack all day because they are starving. Snacking can lead to more trouble than meals so when you sit down to eat make sure you are eating enough. At the start when my hunger was out of control I ate meals more than snacks, even if I was eating 5 meals a day.

(6) Build the meal around meat. When you sit down to meal plan start make meat the star. If you love pasta nights okay… but the star can’t be pasta, maybe it’s chicken with pasta on the side. Think first about what meat you are going to have and make sure that is the star of the show.

(7) Read and Research. Start reading about sugar. Start googling how your body makes fuel. Knowledge is power. The more you know the more you can implement when you start. Read an article a night on these topics. Watch Fed Up! On Netflix.

(8) Give up one thing a day and that’s it! Maybe you can’t give up all carbs right away start with a plan that everyday you are going to give up one Carbie habit. Today it’s potatoes, tomorrow maybe your morning latte. Each day add one more.

(9) Start working out. Another great way to start is to not change a thing about how you eat and rather start working on developing the workout habits first. Starting with the workout makes it easier because trust me you won’t want the Doritos after you worked your tail off at OTF. Develop the working out habits first.

(10) Stop planning, start doing. Best tip I can give you when starting is to just stop thinking about it and just do it. Stop planning your diet. That just leads to becoming overwhelmed. You are never going to know what you are doing. You are never going to have all the answers. So just start.. move your feet and your mind will catch up!


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