My morning “coffee”…

I start my mornings with a 4:30 am wake up call. I know that sounds crazy to most people but when you are a busy working Mom and wife you have to take the time where you can. 4:30-7:00 am is my time. And the best part is since my family is either sleeping or at work during this time it’s my time with zero guilt. I’m not missing anything so it’s my perfect time. Rest of the day they can have me but before the sunrise it’s just me, myself, and I.

I’ve taken a zillion supplements and pills etc this past year. I have fallen for the “Take this and your belly fat will vanish” pills. People always recommend different things for me and so I try a lot of things. It took me awhile but I finally developed a system of things that work for me and help me with my early morning workouts.

So here’s what I love:

(1) Pre-workout drink: Lit (Gummy worm flavor). So many people told me to do a preworkout drink to give me that caffeine boost to get going. I was skeptical because let’s face it… no drink can improve a workout. However, I soon ate my words. You know how you can’t talk to some people until they have their morning coffee… that’s me before my “green drink”. It took me awhile before finding the right pre-workout drink. Most of them I didn’t like because I didn’t like the “prickly skin” feeling. I wanted to wake up but not buzz myself! So after some experimenting I found Lit. Absolutely love it. Gets me going without making me feel like Jessie from Saved by the Bell on diet pills (I just dated myself didn’t I?) I drink one bottle of this (half before OTF and half before my Y walk). Bonus: this drink helped me kick my Diet Pepsi addiction because the caffeine lasts me all morning.

(2) BCAA drink. “Drink BCAA’s while you workout!” Everyone said. That’s the other drink in this picture (I love the Blue Raspberry). This is what I drink while I’m at OTF. Now this drink is funny, because I shelled out the money for it but I didn’t feel it while I drank it so I didn’t think it was doing anything. So one time when I ran out I didn’t buy it again thinking I could just drink plain water. That’s when I noticed it. This drink is so important to me especially because I workout every day. It helps with muscle soreness and helps me recover. Mine has no caffeine in it because I don’t need it because I drink with my Lit.

(3) Vitamins. I start my day with my Vitamins. Now you may remember my horrible vitamin experience. I bought a diet vitamin pack and the pills were so huge that I choked on one of the pills. Not worth it for me… I’m not going down that way! So like my children I do chewables now! Ha! But I don’t shell out money for fancy vitamins anymore. I just take a multi-vitamin, fish oil Omega 3, and Vitamin D (because I’m notoriously low and these dreary Iowa winters make this a requirement). That’s it. Nothing “Diet” or “Beast Mode” on the label… just regular vitamins.

Then I go workout.

(4) Protein shake. When I come home it’s time to refuel my body after all I did. So I drink a protein shake. Be careful with protein shakes… it’s hard to find one that is low carb. I drink GNC brand (Salted Caramel) and I love it. I make mine with Ripple milk (Soybean milk) so I can save carbs from milk. Again if I skip this step I get horribly sore so it helps me recover. Plus it’s a sweet treat too.

That’s it! Repeat daily and that’s my supplement regime! I used to drink fat boosters, things that were going to increase my metabolism but I didn’t notice any difference for me so I stopped spending on that.

Now for you, I encourage you to experiment with things. Don’t just follow mine. Try recommendations and see what works. Don’t stress if something doesn’t work and definitely don’t waste your money on stuff that doesn’t work.



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