Okay time for some tough love.

There are things in dieting that we don’t want to hear but we HAVE to hear. Sometimes we want things sugar coated but hey we are giving up sugar so we have to give up sugar coating too!! Sugar coating dieting actually makes the process harder to swallow no matter what Mary Poppins may have taught us.

So my friends, it’s time to get real this morning. We all need tough love whether we want it or not…. so allow me to dispense some today.

You know I don’t do sugar… so buckle up, here we go:

(1) Starting sucks… so suck it up.

Listen I get it… starting a diet is the worst thing ever. Starting is so frustrating because it’s exactly like a roller coaster… you start off super excited… “I’m going to do it this time!” “This is the time I beat this weight!”

The first week is like the first down hill of the roller coaster… you put your hands in the air and glide through the first ride. Motivated by your goals… you are on a roll.

Then things change…

You start feeling the shake of the rollercoaster bumping you around. It gets hard, it’s not fun anymore…

And so you fall off. Give up. That ride started fun but ended with you gripping the handle so tight your knuckles turned white.

Sound familiar? Yeah I spent decades like this. I will tell you that the first two months of my lifestyle change was by far the hardest. I had no routines, no habits in place so everything was a chore. I was miserable. I hated life. I had zero energy and even less willpower. I had to literally think about every single thing I did or put in my mouth. Nothing came easy. Nothing.

I think people forget that if you do this right you have to COMPLETELY overhaul your life and change yourself. That is a huge thing so it should be hard!!! Anything worth doing is hard. So stop saying dieting sucks. It does suck, we all know that… focusing on that isn’t helping anyone especially you!!

(2) Stop making excuses… just stop!

In order to do this you have to remove all excuses. That’s the hardest thing but it is necessary. Stop with the excuses. Tomorrow is not the time to start. After the weekend isn’t going to be easier. Do it now.

A common excuse that cripples people starting is the “oh I can just have a little” excuse. I hear this all the time both here on the blog and even in my own house. You eat healthy all day and then you say “Oh I did so good all day I can have a scoop of Mac and cheese… it won’t matter”. It matters. Or how about the “oh I worked so hard all day I can have that sugary pop” excuse?? Remove the excuses. Don’t reward yourself with food. That’s not a reward, it’s hurting your success. Be tough on yourself at first. When I started I didn’t let myself cheat for fear of failure. I was tough and that helped me get past the tough parts. After you get past the start you can let your reigns a little loose but for now keep it strict.

(3) Workouts are mandatory, not optional.

I know the infomercials disagree with me… but you can’t lose weight without working out. This is a common one… people think they can change their eating and presto they will lose weight. It doesn’t work that way. You HAVE to exercise. You HAVE to when you are tired. You HAVE to when you are busy. You HAVE to when it’s cold and dark.

(4) Stop starving yourself. It doesn’t work.

This is another one I hear a lot. “Mandi I’m not losing weight and all I do is eat protein bars”. Starving yourself is not going to work. I wish people could see me eat because I think they would be surprised at the amount of food I eat. I eat a lot! It’s not about less food it’s about the right food.

(5) Whether you want to or not you have to break up with sugar.

Sugar is that hot bad boy you have a major crush on. You may love looking at him but he is toxic to you!!

For people in my generation let me put it this way.. sugar is Dylan McKay and although we loved looking at him, life with Brandon Walsh was a lot less heartbreaking. 🙂

I know sugar tastes amazing but it has to go. You can count all the calories you want and lower your fat intake to 0 and if you don’t give up sugar you wont lose. Sugar is the bad guy. You have to stop counting calories and start counting sugar. This is hard. Your body will hate you and you will hate me for telling you to give up your chocolate but you have to. Sugar makes you fat, fat does not make you fat.

(5) Dieting is full time not part time.

This is a full time commitment. Stop sabotaging yourself by doing good and then letting yourself go. This is not a weekday thing. It is an everyday thing. You have to diet on everyday that ends with Y.

(6) For the love of God get off the scale!!!!

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. “Mandi I worked out yesterday and I gained .2 today!!!” Ahhhh!!!!! Stop getting on the scale everyday. It will play with your head, it will make you feel bad about yourself. When I was losing weight I weighed myself ONCE A MONTH. Under no circumstances should you weigh yourself every day. You are not bananas in a grocery store…stay away from the scale!

(7) It’s a marathon… not a sprint. It won’t happen fast!

Successful dieting is not a fast process. It’s a marathon. You won’t lose the weight fast and keep it off. There are no fast fixes, it takes a long time. Stop expecting fast results. Stop wishing for the same results as a friend. Fast results are fake results… They may be fun in the short term but they aren’t long lasting.

(8) You can’t “buy yourself skinny”.

Stop expecting the magic pill to help you drop the pounds. Start investing in sweat not pills. There is no easy way out… it’s tough. You can shell our thousands but if you don’t deal with your own issues it won’t work. Sorry, Dr. Dietfad can’t help you through this one.

(9) You will never be skinny enough.

If someone would have told me at the start of this whole process that I would be a size 8 and still see flab and want to lose more I would have laughed. But it happens to me all the time. It will never be enough so stop expecting that you will look in the mirror and always see your skinny. You will always see your flaws whether you are a size 22 or 2 so stop expecting to look in the mirror and instantly love yourself every time. Confidence and self esteem issues are separate from weight and so they don’t instantly disappear with the weight.

(10) You are in this for the long haul.

You are not on a temporary journey. Health is something you have to do every single day. So don’t do fad diets or avoid food. You have to learn to live with food so the changes you are making have to last. So unless I will see you in a retirement home drinking diet shakes stop relying on that.

(11) You are not too busy.

Listen everyone is busy. I’m busy, you are busy but you have time to do this. Is it always easy? Umm… I get up at 4:30 am so I can tell you it’s not. But my friends if you can make the time for This is Us you can make time for your health.

Okay tough love dispensed…. now let me give you a hug and help you swallow that! I probably should end this with… that was harder on me than you! Ha!


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