Recently, I’ve had a lot of new followers join us here on the blog. Thanks so much to all of you who continue to share my story or tell your friends to message me. I can’t believe what amazing people I have met along this journey! This little blog continues to grow bigger everyday and I can’t thank you all enough for that.

So for you newbies to Recovering Carbie let me welcome you and catch you up on my world so you know who the person is on the other side of your screen.

1. I started my health journey July 28, 2016

2. My starting weight: 315

3. I have lost just under 130 pounds and dropped 10 sizes. I don’t lose much anymore – so I’m really in maintenance now (but I’d love to lose 10 more pounds).

4. Although I don’t believe in “diet plans” if I had to pigeon hole myself I basically follow a Keto/ Low carb diet. I count carbs and don’t care one bit the number of fat grams or calories in my food. I eat a ton of fat every single day. I love food and have a family that doesn’t diet with me so I have to make good tasting food that we all can eat. I believe we have to learn how to live with food not hide from it.

5. I have been overweight my entire life (that I can remember). I currently weigh less than I did in junior high so this is a lifelong battle for me. I have a lot of food issues to battle. I was a big stress eater, a binge eater, and had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I still struggle with a lot of these things every day.

5. I live in Iowa with my husband of 12 years and my three insanely busy children who you will get to know for sure. My daughter is 11, a competitive dancer and softball player. She is a typical busy 6th grader. My middle son is 10 and a sports fanatic. He lives for baseball and plays travel ball. He’s in 4th grade. My baby (who is no longer a baby) is 7 years old and my stubborn non-conformist. He like his siblings is into everything. He loves baseball and basketball and just started travel ball. So yes I am a crazy busy Mom first and foremost. I had to do this for myself, yet still be a Mom. That is a huge challenge.

6. I work full time. I’m an attorney practicing in civil litigation. So when I disappear on here know I’m probably buried in trial work.

7. This journey has made me a workout addict. I work out 5 days a week (taking the weekends off for rest and kids stuff). I do Orange Theory fitness (OTF) and I hit 10,000 steps a day. I love weight lifting!

8. I have a nut allergy which makes low carb a challenge because nuts are commonly found in this type of diet. But alas the recipes I make and share will generally be nut free (unless something just looks amazing and I want to live vicariously through you).

9. I love being a Mom, writing, photography, decorating, crafting, low carb tortillas, musicals, Watching HGTV, bingeing Netflix, Under Armour Leggings, Apple Watches, Mexican food, Pizza, Zevia, Running 5ks, coloring on Sandbox, Long walks, traveling, and gossip magazines.

10. I hate running (yes I know I have it above but it’s a love/hate relationship), spiders, cold Iowa winters, driving alone (I need copilots!), cauliflower crust pizza, rainy days, and anxiety.

11. I don’t take any diet supplements but I’m a huge vitamin girl. Take your vitamins people!

12. I lost my weight without following a set diet plan, no surgery, no shakes. I’m not a professional so always check with your doctor first (there’s the lawyer in me coming through).

13. I’m a reluctant morning person. I work out before the sun comes up from 4:30-7:00 am.

14. I have literally tried (and failed) at every diet plan ever created. Name it… I’ve done it and failed. So there is nothing you are dealing with that I won’t understand. I have nearly 40 years of dealing with this crap so I get all the challenges.

15. I am anti-scale. I only weigh myself once a month and I’ve done that from the start. Scales mess with my head.

16. I don’t have a set carb goal every day. I simply treat them as calories and try to keep them as low as I can.

17. I still eat pizza, drive thru, drink caffeine (way too much… I’m working on that), chocolate, and A LOT whipped cream! I have cheat days, I fall off the wagon, I fail, I struggle. This is a lifestyle change so LIFE happens and you have to roll with that.

18. The first 75 pounds of my weight loss was done only with walking. No running, no weight lifting, no classes. I could hardly walk yet alone go beast mode, so it’s okay to start slow.

19. I blog primarily here, but I also have Instagram @recovering_carbie. My blog has a home at but I found that I like blogging here better because you all can participate as well. I also am a contributor to other blogs so I write for various things from time to time. But here is where I put most of my stuff. I will share other places that post my stuff as well.

20. I started this blog to talk to all the “old me’s. Unless you have gone through this you don’t understand so we are all the “experts” we need! When I started I had absolutely no clue what I was doing (I still don’t) and so I share my story to tell people everything I wanted to know or needed to hear. I can promise you that I will tell you all the ups and downs, I’m not a salesperson so I don’t sell any thing here, and I promised myself if I was going to do this I was going to be upfront and honest (even if some days are rough). Feel free to either participate here in the comments on the blog or there are people that feel more comfortable communicating with me by messenger. Either way is fine I just love hearing from you all and helping you in anyway I can!

So welcome to the blog! I really appreciate all the support, shares, and likes. My goal here is to create a space to inspire and motivate people to change their lives. I am just as inspired by you all so share your stories with me!

No matter how busy we are, change is not only possible, it’s completely doable!


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