The diet industry is a multi billion dollar industry. Type it into Google and you will see that people spend $35 BILLION dollars a year on weight loss products. People rush out in droves to find that miracle cure – the solution that gives us the biggest results with the least work. We long to find that expert that will give us the step-by-step instruction manual on how to shrink our waistlines.

Well guess what? I can help you find the most powerful and successful diet expert! Yes that person exists… that man or woman who is going to guide you toward diet success!! Okay ready to find him/her???

Okay… Walk to your bathroom… go to your sink… and look straight ahead in your mirror.

Let me introduce you to the most powerful and successful diet expert…. yes YOU!

I dieted for several decades following every high powered and successful diet genius out there. I did exactly what they said…I followed their guides, I took their pills, I drank their shakes, I did what the industry told me to do.

And I failed…. Every. Single. Time.

But as you know this time I did not fail… I finally won! So what expert did I follow??? Well, guess what??? The only expert I followed was that weak, failure, zero confidence, zero clue on where to begin woman staring at me in that bathroom mirror.

That complete previous failure was more successful then those billion dollar experts!

Yes the way I solved perhaps the most puzzling question Imaginable… how to be healthy… was FINALLY walking away from all the experts and solving the puzzle myself. Creating my own plan that fit with my life.

Now I know what you are thinking, because I thought it too… “You want me to follow ME????? I am the biggest failure in the world so I am no expert… I have no clue… I’m the one that just ate a whole bag of Doritos… I’m screwed if I follow me!!!”

Yes I know you are thinking that… so listen to me again… YOU ARE THE EXPERT. And you will win this war even if you lose a few battles along the way.

Here’s the deal… the fact that you have failed before makes you so much smarter than Dr. Skinnyjeans sitting behind some desk creating a one size fits all diet plan! You know where you went wrong, you know what makes you fail, you are REAL. You are the only one that can guide you through your life… because your life is different than everyone else’s.

So you are the only expert you need to follow. You are your Diet Center… your plan creator. Not them, not me, not the industry. You know yourself better than anyone. You know your weaknesses, you know your cravings, you know your deep dark problems, you know what life looks like for you. They don’t.

I started to find my success when I finally realized that what I was doing wrong before was I was following someone else who knows absolutely nothing about me and actually makes more money if I keep failing and coming back again. How can they guide me when they don’t know anything about me? They don’t know how hungry I am ALL the time… they don’t know that I have NO time.

Dieting is not one size fits all. I’m sorry but it’s so hard to find success because no matter how much you pay… No one can tell you how to do this. The most important part of successful dieting is learning about yourself and fixing your problems… and how can anyone do that for you if they don’t know what your problems are??

I wish I could give you an instruction manual of – Do this like I did and you will drop your weight like I did!! – but I can’t. You aren’t me. I’m not you. That’s why you will never hear me tell you what to do. I’ll show you what I do, but you need to decide if that works for you or if you need to modify something.

So am I telling you to ignore the diet experts? No!! But you need to stop referring them to experts… you are the only expert. You are the end all, be all… the General of this war. They are merely your advisors. Use them, use me to give you ideas, read the articles, listen to the podcasts, read the blogs and advice, listen to their words… but don’t follow ANYTHING blindly. You decide how something fits in your battle plan.

I can explain how to successfully diet very simply… this process is finding ways to change unhealthy habits that you can live with for the rest of your life. You have to stop looking at this as a “diet”. Diets are temporary periods of our life where we deprive ourselves for some set period of time so we can lose weight. But we are all fooling ourselves if we think we can be good for 11 weeks, lose the weight, and then go back to our “regularly scheduled program”. That’s why we are on the constant yo-yo dieting train. We lose… we gain… we lose.. we gain, simply because we are looking at it only as a short term thing.

I found my success by realizing that I’m in this for the long haul and so I have to make changes I can live with for the rest of my life. I stopped hiding from food, I stopped drinking my way to skinny, I stopped popping pills to shrink myself. I can’t maintain what the industry preaches… I can’t eat cardboard food for the rest of my life. I have to live in the sugary indulgence everywhere, stress filled, zero time world we all live in. We all can do something short term… but the secret to success to doing something for the long haul.

So stop looking for your expert. Stand in that mirror and realize you are looking at him/her. You have all the knowledge you need. Take advice from people but realize that advice is not “the Bible”. Advice is simply someone’s experience with something… how it works for THEM. Take that advice and analyze it to see if it works for you or if you need to modify it. That’s how you will find your success.

You are the best expert. You are free. You are available 24/7. So come on experts… let’s do this!!


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