Tying up my walking shoes this morning…

Let’s talk about walking this morning.

Walking, yes simple walking was how I dropped 75 of my 130 pound loss. I was too out of shape when I started to do anything but walk. I was too self conscious to join any class.

I was so skeptical that simple walking would be enough to lose weight. But it was… and it was the perfect spring board to start my workout habit.

So many people say to me… I can’t run, I am too scared to join a class. I get that. But you know you can walk, so simply start there. It really works.

I started with a simple premise – 10,000 steps a day. And no matter what the day threw at me I made sure I hit that goal. Still to this day 10,000 is my magic number.

Get a step tracker. They really work. It almost becomes a game. You watch the steps increase and you simply want to meet your goals.

Walking is also the perfect workout for busy mommies. My kids often walk with me or they play basketball while I walk the track. It’s something the whole family can do together.

I’m in shape now… yet I still do daily walking. It’s a must in my life.

Why do I love walking? It clears my mind. I turn up my music and prepare for my day. I focus on steady breathing and just take the time for me. It’s my mental check to gear up for my day.

So my challenge for you if you are struggling in starting a workout routine… just start with simple walking. Set a step goal and stick to it. Walk at the beginning of the day, or at lunch, or just around your office. Walk to end your day, walk the dog, walk alone, walk with a friend… just walk!


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