I Let my questions add up over the week so today I thought I’d do sort of a Q&A dump and get some of your questions answered. Here we go:

(1) How fast did you lose your weight?

I started in July of 2016 at around 325 lbs. Here’s a month to month of how my weight loss has gone to give you an idea (PS I use Happy scale on my phone to keep this). I only weigh myself once a month so I do not have a week by week.


July: 325

August: 285

September: 267

October: 254

November: 235

December: 220


January: 206

February: 202

March: 191

April: 187

May: 185

June: 181

Since June I have lost about another 10 pounds. But, in general I don’t lose a lot of weight anymore. It fell off fast at first and now crawls.

(2) I’m noticing the more I lose the more loose skin I have? Do you deal with that?? What do you do to handle it?? Did you have surgery?

One of the unfortunate side effects of a large volume weight loss is extra skin. Sorry friends but it is definitely the bitter part of this journey. The older you are when you lose weight the harder your battle will be with loose skin. For me I deal with loose skin in three primary areas, under my arms, my lower stomach and behind my thighs. I will admit at first my loose skin was a huge concern to me and it is still something I deal with but here is what I noticed: the fact that I lifted weights along this journey has made a HUGE difference. I’m not going to say it has solved my problem completely but it has helped me a ton (especially in my arms). I have not had any surgery as that wouldn’t be anything I would consider until several years into this. PS compression leggings are a gift from God for this! I live for Adidas brand!!

(3) What was your goal weight when you started? How much did you plan to lose?

To be honest I did not set out to lose 100 pounds because I didn’t think I could. That seemed impossible to me. I’ve never been a scale person so for me I was more interested in size. My goal was honesty to just get out of plus size clothes. I was aiming for a 14 so I could shop anywhere. I never imagined I’d get to single digit sizes or lose 100. It wasn’t until I hit 50 lbs that I really started to dream of 100 pounds. So i didn’t really start with any lofty goals.

(4) How many days a week do you workout?

I workout 6 days a week taking either a Wednesday or a Saturday off.

(5) Do you have a set cheat day a week?

No. I tend to listen to my body. What’s the point of cheating every Saturday? You may get to a Saturday and not want to cheat, but cheat anyway because it’s “your day”. I tend to have cheat days only when I’m on vacation or somewhere healthy food is not an option. I don’t really cheat much because it actually is not a huge pleasure for me anymore. But if my body craves a cheat day I tend to give in, but I try to do it healthy first. For example, if I crave sweets I try berries first.

(6) How do you diet if your spouse isn’t dieting?

I hear you, it’s tough. Junk food all around, temptation everywhere. But to me it’s more important to learn to live this way with temptation all around so it’s actually a good thing. It will teach you to be stronger. You honestly need to learn to do this on your own. If your hubby joins you here and there… bonus!

(7) Do you drink alcohol?

I’m not a huge drinker because I tend to get sick off alcohol easily. However when I do drink it’s usually with my friends and I drink vodka and Zevia or Crystal Light lemonade. I used to love wine but I’m a sweet wine drinker so I don’t do that much anymore.

(8) Are you still losing weight?

Not really. I’m pretty much in maintenance. Although I’d love to lose 10 more pounds I only lose a pound every now and then. I haven’t really lost too much since the summer of 2017.

(9) How do you work out when you have to cart your kids around?

I work out before they wake up.  I am a morning girl!! 5 am is my workout time so it doesn’t interfere with their activities.

(10) How did you start running?

I did a couch to 5k program on my phone. I absolutely hated running when I started. Now I love it. And I credit this program. It’s the greatest thing ever. It works really well. It’s an 8 week program and you do it 3 times a week. C25K is what I used.

(11) How many carbs do you eat a day?

I don’t strictly count as I treat them as calories and try to keep them low. But in general I try to keep my meals under 20-25 net carbs and my snacks under 10. Normally I’m averaging about 15-20 per meal.

(12) Do you eat dairy?

I used to eat a lot of dairy. During my 100 pound loss I ate it all the time.  Now here at the bottom of my weight I tend to find that I get bloated off dairy, so I try to avoid it where I can.

Okay so there you go. Keep the questions coming and if I don’t answer you by message it’s probably because I’m saving your question to share with the group!

Have a great day!!!


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