So it’s spring break here in Iowa. My feed full of the happy pics of my friends and family on the beach in the sun enjoying a relaxing week.

And here I am… having a week full of anything but relaxation. Here at home working, still in reality.

My daughter headed to Texas for break to be with my brother and his family. That left my two boys home with us. And since my daughter and my Mom are traveling together and both of them are my babysitters that means my boys have been stuck in my law firm a lot this week.

My husband and I planned to give the boys a mini vacation and planned a fun weekend in the Wisconsin Dells. Everyday of this break I’ve been getting super excited for a fun weekend with my boys.

And then the obstacles starting coming.

Unexpected work commitments, twists and turns, texts with unexpected news you didn’t want, stress… obstacle after obstacle kept popping up, standing in my way of keeping my eyes on my prize.

At this point , here with a few short hours until we leave it’s just laughable at this point.

As I tied up my running shoes at Orange Theory and heard my coach tell me it was Endurance day (which means lots of running) I just kept repeating… eye on the prize… eye of the prize.

I finished my workout and headed to the Y and put my earphones on ready to blare out all the stress in my brain. I hit shuffle and this song came up. Overcomer.

Isn’t it awesome when you hear a song just when you need it most.

As I walked I started to realize that obstacles are just reality. Roads for me never seem to be smooth and that’s ok. Every obstacle I overcome, every bad thought that I forcibly remove from my brain is just another success I can mark.

So if you are facing obstacles today… consider them tiny challenges to test your strength. Crush them… and then download this song and sing at the top of your lungs!


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