Back to reality after a fun little getaway this weekend with my boys.

There was a time when the idea of taking my kids to a waterpark scared me like none other. In fact I’ll be honest… my kids aren’t the best swimmers because I avoided having to put swim suits on like the plague.

It wasn’t just the fact I felt uncomfortable wearing a suit… it was the fact that I couldn’t do all the activities they wanted to do. I could never drive go karts because I couldn’t fit, I had to scan the signs on the slides to make sure I didn’t exceed the weight. It was just so much stress.

This stress affected my kids too. Because I wouldn’t try things they followed my lead and were afraid to try different things. They would ask me to come along but I would make excuses and send my husband or my best friend.

This past week was spring break and my daughter traveled with my Mom to Texas leaving my boys home with Mom and Dad with no set spring break plans. So a few weeks ago I asked them what they wanted to do and they both excitedly said they wanted to head to the Wisconsin Dells to hit the waterparks.

But this time there was no doubt in my mind. We were not only go to go… but we were going to do all the things I wanted to do with them so badly before.

And we did!

Their Mom who used to sit under a towel on a chair watching them jumped waves, screamed down the water slides with them. “One more time?” Questions were answered with “No… let’s do it TWO more times!” I encouraged them to try things that scared them and since I was doing it they came along! I drove the go karts and played laser tag.

But then my middle wanted to do the rope course.

I didn’t appreciate just how much things have changed in my life until I was high above the arcade on the rope course. My middle was super excited that I was going to go with him. We had been a few years ago to a similar course but I exceeded the weight limit and had to send their dad up with them and watch them from below. My middle was excited to show me what it was like up there.

As I got up high I went to take my first step on the ropes and suddenly I was super scared. I have spent my lifetime thinking things couldn’t support my weight and all of that flooded back. My middle kept calling out to climb higher and I started to doubt.

I looked down to my husband with that “You better go I’ll stay here” look. “I better just stay with him (pointing to my youngest who was not quite sure about this adventure and wanted to stay on the low ropes)”, “You need Mom with you right???” I said knowing my notorious Mamas boy would say yes and give me an excuse to not chase his brother up higher and higher. And of course he agreed with me and my husband who always saves me started to climb up to follow our middle and leave me safely down below.

But then I looked up at my middle above me who had a huge smile on his face starting to fade knowing I was going to stay down with his brother. “You aren’t coming Mom???!!” He said.

But my middle knows me oh so well. He knew just what to do.

He started with encouragement… “Come on Mom… I’ll show you the way!!! Come on Mom! You can do it!”

“I better stay here… your brother is scared”. I explained.

He paused for a minute and then did just what I knew he’d do. I was sounding like his old Mom not his new one… so he knew what to do.

Since I started this journey my middle and I playfully compete all the time. He challenges me to different activities and we trash talk and challenge each other. It’s our thing… and he knows that all too well. We love to challenge each other.

“Oh okay… well then I win! You can’t go as high as me!” He baited me.

Oh crap… did he have to trash talk now!!!??

He waited to see if this would wake up his new mom. He knew his new mom would meet his trash talk and raise him one.

My husband knew how I’d respond too and instead of heading up to our 1st born son he turned and started heading toward our youngest. He smiled knowing that his “new wife” would not let a challenge from our competitive son go unanswered. He told me that he’d stay back with our youngest and motioned for me to go with my middle.

I haven’t turned down a challenge yet with my son. I wasn’t about to change that now.

“Oh yeah… let’s see about that” I called out.

I took a deep breath and stepped on the board feeling it easily supporting my weight. I made my way toward my son who was smiling ear to ear knowing he did it!

I climbed high accepting every challenge my middle threw at me. I will admit that with each step I still questioned whether the ropes and platforms could hold me. But I went. I just kept Following my son who was thrilled that his Mom was meeting his challenges.

And although he won our friendly battle because I wouldn’t go on one that was a thin rope with nothing to hold on to… I think ultimately I won!

Now THAT moment right there is why I do what I do. These moments mean more to me than any number on the scale or size on my jeans.


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