Hello my name is Mandi and I’m a Recovering Carbie…

(“Hello Mandi”)

My entire life I have struggled with weight issues. I honestly cannot remember a time when I was “thin”. I’ve got to admit I’ve dealt with this so long it was just a fact of life for me…a card I was dealt. I was lost with no clue how to change what I just chalked up to being what God “gave me”. In other words, I felt trapped in a body I had no idea how to fix.

In July 2016, I hit my “dread weight”. I was sluggish, tired, always anxious, and just…well not my best me.  My weight started to become the elephant in the room. If I wasn’t physically unable to do something, I was worried about not being able to do something.   So,  I decided it was time to put an end to this once and for all and I began this journey.

In July 2016, I weighed 302 pounds and was a size 26-28.

Now, I’m over 100 pounds lighter and 8 sizes smaller…and going strong.

But more important than what I have lost – is what I have gained. And that my friends is what I want to share with you in this blog.

So a little about me:

I’m an insanely busy Mom of three from the Midwest : I have one diva-tastic daughter (10) and two on the go boys (6 and 9). I’m an civil litigation attorney by day and wife, chaueffer, momager, homework helper, cook, passionate writer and jack of all trades by night and weekend. I live in Iowa with my husband, kids, dog, and two cats.


We’re a pretty cute crew, aren’t we?

And now for a confession: 

Prior to this journey I was a HUGE CARBAHOLIC – or what I lovingly call a “Carbie”. My favorite foods were all carbs. Pasta, Bread, Sweets…those are the foods I ate ALL THE TIME.  In fact, I completely could have given up meat, because as long as I had carbs, I didn’t care if I skipped meat.

Unfortunately, my beloved carbs were the reason  I was in the prison of a body and mind I was starting to hate and couldn’t control.

So my journey began with a mission to give up that nasty carb addiction and start moving! And that is exactly what I have been doing ever since.

I like things easy, uncomplicated, and as drama free as I can find them. I also am doing this journey as a busy Mom, with a husband and kids that aren’t on my plan religiously (which makes it interesting).

I’m forthright, so I’m not going to sugar coat things. I’m going to tell you the ups and downs, the recipe fails (stay away from cauliflower crust pizza) and successes, my trials and errors. Not all of this journey is sunshine and roses. Making a huge lifestyle change is HARD….

But what I hope you get from following my story is that it is SO POSSIBLE.  You can find health, you can find happiness! And you can do it with all that life throws at you.


Now please remember this is a story of MY JOURNEY.  I am by no means an expert on weight loss or body image. This is simply my story, which I’m writing down part as a journal for myself and part to inspire all the people out there that like me have no idea where to turn.  Definitely find your own path and consult your doctor before you begin a plan for you. I want you to be inspired to research things and create your own path.

Okay Lawyer Mandi public service announcement over.

So welcome to Recovering Carbie, a journey to find health, happiness, and peace, one fewer carb at a time.

Thanks for your support and love!

R.C. (Mandi)