Mexican Lasagna

The best thing about low carb/keto cooking is that once you learn what ingredients you can and can’t have, you can start experimenting and creating amazing meals. You can pretty much de-carb anything.  That’s exactly what I did tonight. I love lasagna, I love enchiladas...two dishes that are notorious not low carb. Well, tonight I … Continue reading Mexican Lasagna


To Drink or Not to Drink… that is the Question. 

"Hey Recovering Carbie... do you drink?"  I laugh when asked this question. I'm a working mother, attorney, crazy chaos coordinator... how could I survive without alcohol in my life?? Truth is I can't... so I've had to learn how to Low carb drink.  Actually all joking aside it's a great question - can you drink … Continue reading To Drink or Not to Drink… that is the Question.